SmartVerge Dry Verge System

The Manthorpe SmartVerge dry verge system is designed to be a fast and effective method for finishing the verge of a concrete tiled roof.

It is compatible with most makes and profiles of concrete interlocking tiles with a batten gauge between 280 mm and 345 mm.

The system is mechanically fixed and consists of left and right hand verges units, angled or round ridge end caps and eaves closure units.

The system is a mortar-free solution which allows fixing in all weather conditions.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_93_30 Dry fixing vergesPrimary


H61/405 Dry (closed) verges

H61/50 Dry (closed) verges

H65/405 Dry verges

H65/50 Dry verges

Specification data - Dry fixing verges

Product Reference


Right hand verge unit.


Left hand verge unit.


Angled ridge end cap.


Rounded ridge end cap.


Eaves closure.



Dark Brown

Slate Grey


Standard product features

The system comprises the following products:

  • Type GDV-RH (Right hand) Verge Unit.
  • Type GDV-LH (Left hand) Verge Units.
  • Type GDV-END-A Angled Ridge End Cap.
  • Type GDV-END-R Round Ridge End Cap.
  • Type GDV-EC Eaves Closure.

All products are manufactured from unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U), available in four colours and are suitable for new build or refurbishment applications on roofs of 15° to 55° pitch.

The system complies with:

  • NHBC standards chapter 7.2 pitched roofs D8, S11 and S12.
  • BS 5534 requirements for mechanical fixing.
  • BS 6399-2 1997 Code of Practice for wind loads.

Third party certifications
  • 224-493 : High speed wind tunnel test
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