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Sliding Gate Automation
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Suitable for both residential properties and industrial/commercial applications.


Sliding gate operators which open the gate gently, smoothly and reliably. There are numerous connection options available for more security and additional features for added convenience.

Features and benefits:

  • Operates at temperatures to -30°C.
  • Available with a travel length of up to 20 m and a gate weight of 1200 kg.
  • The operator is self-learning, and runs economically due to the DPS (Dynamic Power System).
  • Additional safety accessories, including photo eyes, safety contact strips, etc are available.

Available in various configurations:

DS 600/ DS 1200:

The DS 600/ DS 1200 sliding gate operator has high strength. It is used for particularly heavy sliding gates.


Fulfils the high requirements of industrial gate systems. Like the STArter, it is sturdy, resilient, corrosion-resistant, safe, reliable and operation is quiet.


As RUNner but with added 'chip tuning', giving the operator even more power and higher speed.

SM 40 T:

Powerful gate operator which can be used anywhere and is particularly quick and easy to install.

SP 900:

The complete operator of the SP 900 is integrated into the post of the sliding gate. This makes the operator invisible and provides for an uncluttered appearance. The SP 900 is flexible, rugged and suitable for industrial door systems.


The compact operator has easy installation, high quality, reliable operation and a large selection of additional safety devices.


As STArter but with added 'chip tuning', giving the operator even more power and higher speed.

General information




Pr_75_30_23_42 Hydraulic automation mechanismsPrimary


Q40/635 Gate openers

Product range

Door and Gate Operators

Specification data - Hydraulic automation mechanisms Enhanced data

Opening gear


Automation type


Electrical supply


Rated operational voltage (Ue)

220–240 V AC.

Control units




Ingress protection (minimum)



Not required.

Access systems.

ENTRApin+ keypad or ENTRAsys FD / GD fingerprint scanner or key switch.


Induction loop or motion detection (PIR) options.

Battery pack.

Supplies energy to the gate operator for up to 12 hours.

Edge protection.

Both passive and active edge systems.

Electric lock.

Light barrier.

One-way and two-way photocells.

Radial Damper.

For regulating speed on inclined gates.


Steel core or galvanised toothed rack for fitment to gates.

Warning light.

Rotating beacon, LED warning lights or traffic light control.

Special order.

Insert requirements, consult manufacturer for information.

Product Reference

DS 600 / DS 1200

  • Suitable for heavy gates, particularly if used on commercial sites.
  • Reliable and robust operator with high-performance geared motor.
  • Control with numerous additional features, e.g. dead man operation.
  • Maintenance-free operator with long service life.
  • Easily accessible emergency release.
  • Optional safety facilities can be integrated, e.g. warning light, light barrier or electric lock.

Radio system

Somloq Rollingcode.



Being introduced as new standard and easily upgradeable on Somloq operators.

Opening speed

220 mm/s.


-20 — +50°C.


Not required.

Rated frequency

50–60 Hz.


Maximum travel length.

8 m.


Maximum gate weight.

600 kg.