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Although more commonly known as a roofing material, Welsh Slate's visual appeal, strength and water resistance also lends itself to being an exceptional building stone. Available in both heather blue and blue grey, Welsh Slate is available is a variety of formats for walling.


  • Extremely hard and durable stone.
  • Unfading colour.
  • Unaffected by freeze thaw cycles.
  • Welsh slate is totally inert and will repel all elements.
  • Low carbon footprint.

General information
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Walling Penrhyn


Cleaved Slate Walling

Walling stone with a natural riven finish.

Pillared Slate Walling

Heavily textured finish achieved by walling stone being hewn using the bedding plane.

Standard product features


  • Cleaved: Random.
  • Pillared: Random, between 200–600 mm.


  • Cleaved: Fixed mixed heights between 75, 100, 150 mm.
  • Pillared: Random, between 50–300 mm.

Bed depth:

Approximately 100 mm.


2797 kg/m³.

Product Options

Specified walling can be produced to tight tolerances and a variety of sizes and surface finishes are available to order.