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Triple-laminated wood frame construction assembled into top hung or bottom running, sliding/ folding panels. Applications include balcony fenestration, conservatories, shop fronts, swimming pool enclosures, terrace glazing, residential and commercial façades.

Available with inward or outward opening panels. Bi-fold elements (part inward and part outward folding) also available. Optional integrated entry/ exit door with separate operation available. A tilt or tilt-turn panel can be integrated within a door element.

The SL 66 Folding Façade system can be combined with the design, fixed and tilt-turn elements of the SL 68 system.

Height tolerances and expansion are allowed for in the design to prevent operational faults and to ensure weathertightness. Low maintenance, low rattle, rustproof fittings ensure stability of the system.


  • Air permeability to DIN EN 12207: Class 3.
  • Climatic stress rating to DIN 18055: Group C.
  • Watertightness to EN 12208: Class E1200.
  • Windloading to EN 12210: Class 4C.

General information

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Uniclass 2015
Pr_30_59_24_81 Sliding folding doorsetsPrimary
Specification data - Sliding folding doorsets
Product Reference

SL 66u Folding Façade

SL 66o Folding Façade


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Wood species




Finish as delivered

Factory applied undercoat – colour ___

Factory applied final finish – colour ___

Glazing details

Insulating glass units (2 x 4 mm 'k' glass)

Single glazed - 5 mm float glass

Track system -
Bottom track

5-66-07-x and 5-66-09-x

Bottom running.

5-66-12-x and 5-66-09-x

Bottom running.

5-66-13-x and 5-66-09-x

Bottom running.


Top running.


Top running.


Top running.


Eloxal coated – E6 EV1

Eloxal coated – E6 C34




Ironmongery/ Accessories -

Flat handle on inside only, without lock

Flat handle on inside, with cylinder lock

Flat handle on outside, with cylinder lock

Handle finish

Powder coated – RAL 7021

Powder coated – RAL 8077

Powder coated – RAL 9006

Powder coated – RAL 9016

Hinge finish

Eloxal coated – E6 EV1

Eloxal coated – E6 C34

Standard product features

Construction depth:

66 mm.


A double layer of EPDM sealing is provided all round, for protection against rain and draughts.

Product Options

Product reference:

SL 66u:

A bottom running system, with stainless steel rails and floor mounted running gear consisting of four stainless steel rollers with a loading capacity of 200 kg. Standard arrangement, with three track options. Uses top track 5-66-08-x.

SL 66o:

A top mounted system. Each top-mounted running gear unit has four universally jointed (cardanic) rollers for even load spread. Trolley bearings run quietly on a sealed, heat and cold resistant running surface of glass fibre reinforced polyamide. The 200 kg capacity trolleys are height adjustable. Three track options for bottom track. Uses top track 5-66-05-x.


Maximum panel weight: 70 kg.

Panel are restricted in height and width according to the running gear and type of glass used:

– Tilt-turn panel:

  • Maximum width: 950 mm (and no more than 2350 mm high).
  • Maximum height: 2400 mm (up to 900 mm wide).

– Bottom running panel:

  • Maximum glass/ infill weight: 20 kg/m²:
  • Maximum panel width: 1000 mm (no more than 2200 mm high).
  • Maximum panel height: 2800 mm (no more than 600 mm wide).

– Top hung panel:

  • Maximum glass/ infill weight: 20 kg/m²:
  • Maximum panel width: 1100 mm (no more than 2200 mm high).
  • Maximum panel height: 2800 mm (no more than 700 mm wide).

Double glazing (2 x 4 mm) requires a glass-dividing rung, starting from a height of 2550 mm.

Refer to technical literature for panel size diagrams. Special sizes are available on request.

Wood species:

Available in three standard species. Consult Solarlux for availability of alternative species.

Finish as delivered:

  • Standard wood finish: Undercoated – colour from SL colour card.
  • Optional final finish of wood surfaces: Colour from SL colour card.

Glazing details:

‘Dry’ glazed with flush sills, enabling trouble-free pane replacement. Insulating glass units are standard, with 2 x 4 mm 'k' glass. Glass upgrade from 5 mm to 28 mm (maximum) is possible. Special glazing is available on request.

Track system and running gear:

Running and guide rails are flush-mounted into the system. The bottom rail is available with or without a threshold and can, as an option, be set into the floor. The design without threshold is suitable for shop fronts or for ‘barrier-free dwellings’ in compliance with DIN 18025.

Aluminium track for top-hung applications can be EURAS eloxal coated in one of two colours.

Ironmongery/ Accessories:

All fittings are corrosion-free and are concealed within the profiles.

Panels are latched and unlatched by means of internal, flat handles with 180° rotation; lockable handles are optional. Handles are available in four RAL colours as standard – other finishes available on request. Aluminium locking bars, with minimum 24 mm travel, act on the top and bottom track; bar ends are fitted with polyamide caps to prevent metal to metal contact.

Standard ironmongery for entry/ exit door: Handle inside and outside; three point locking handle and cylinder available as an option.

Fasteners are width-adjustable for optimum adjustment of the folding system. Secure hinges are fitted to hinder break-ins. Hinges available in one RAL and two EURAS eloxal colours.

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