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Skyline Patent Glazing System


To be used to the external facade of a patent glazing system in commercial and domestic applications, and can accommodate the following:

  • Roof glazing/ rooflights.
  • Double and triple glazed applications (where compliance with Building Regulations Document L is a requirement).
  • Single glazing applications (such as feature canopies and unheated spaces).


Two edge supported patent glazing system with slim, external extruded aluminium capping.

Features and benefits:

  • Sits in line with the roof due to the slim sightlines.
  • Offers an economical roof glazing solution.
  • The internal fin/ stalk provides inner glazing bar strength, and is cut away at the top and bottom main fixing positions.
  • Can accommodate single, double and triple glazing of any thickness.
  • Available with a choice of two cosmetic outer snap-on cappings which conceal all fixing screws and an external snap-on capping to allow for design flexibility.
  • Can be combined with opening vents to offer a complete glazing solution.
  • Versatile, and will suit most projects.
  • Can span up to four meters when unsupported (while holding double glazed infills of 30 kg/m²).
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS 5516: 2004 Code of Practice for the design and installation of vertical and sloping patent glazing.

General information


Insert non-metallic RAL colour from the standard range



Polyester powder-coated

To BS 6496

Mill finish



Aluminium alloy

Grade 6063 temper T6 aluminium alloy, conforming to BS EN 755-2


Uniclass 2015

Ss_30_30_72_73 Roof window systemsPrimary


H10/10 Patent glazing

H10/115 Patent glazing

Product range

Patent Glazing Systems

Specification data - Roof window systems Enhanced data

System performance

General system performance of rooflights, roof windows and roof ventilators.

Roof window

Manufacturer's Standard.

Installation fasteners

Manufacturer's Standard.

Internal trim

Not required.

PC4, ornate extruded aluminium profiled inner cap.

Fully conceals the internal stalk, giving the appearance of a feature timber rafter.

External trim

Pressure cap:

PC1, extruded aluminium cap.

PC2, plain square edged extruded aluminium cap.

PC3, ornate extruded aluminium profiled cap.


Argon gas.


Not applicable.

Electric control - chain actuator, 24 V.

Electric control - chain actuator, 230 V.

Electric control - linear actuator, 24 V.

Electric control - linear actuator, 230 V.

Manual control - screwjack gear.

Pneumatic control - gas springs.

System accessories

Not required.

Dress only lead flashings.

To perimeter positions (lead flashings measured elsewhere).

Pre-formed sheet aluminium flashings.

To perimeter positions.

Product Reference

Skyline Patent Glazing System







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Insert requirements e.g. clear laminated, heat soaked toughened, etc. Consult manufacturer's literature for information.

  • Double: Any thickness. When used with high performance glazing units with warm edge spacer bars and argon filling, the system can achieve a thermal transmittance (U-Value) of 1.4 W/m²K.
  • Single: Any thickness.
  • Triple: Any thickness.
  • A 16 mm Argon-gas-filled cavity with warm edge spacer bars is supplied for double and triple glazing.

Film thickness (minimum)

40 µm.


Skyline Patent Glazing Brochure

Skyline Patent Glazing Brochure

Opening Vents Brochure

Opening Vents Brochure

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