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Sika®Pave System

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Sika Limited

Bedding and jointing system for laying setts and paving flags.

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The Sika®Pave System is a cost effective and lower risk alternative to traditional bedding and jointing systems for the laying of natural setts, concrete setts or paving flags.

Sika®Pave is supplied in two parts, first a carefully selected graded and washed lightweight aggregate in a big bag and secondly Sika®Pave NF penetration grout. The aggregate is laid to a minimum depth of 30 mm and the setts bedded into the aggregate and the aggregate is then used in the joints to within 20 mm of the surface.

The Sika®Pave NF grout is then mixed in a purpose-made forced action mixer/pump to a measured flow of 425 mm (± 25 mm) and pumped into place using lances, which allow greater control of the grouting operation. For work on a gradient or camber, a stiffer topping off layer can be applied if required.


  • Reduced labour.
  • Daily laying area increased by 30%.
  • Bedding performance not affected by weather conditions.
  • Bedding mortar setting not an issue.
  • Control of quality and compaction not an issue.
  • No need for mixer unit for bedding mortar.
  • No bonding bridge required.

General information


Q25/110 Natural stone slab paving system

Q25/115 Natural stone slab paving overlay system

Q25/120 Concrete flag paving system

Q25/125 Concrete flag paving overlay system

Q25/140 Natural stone sett paving system

Q25/150 Concrete sett paving system

Q25/155 Concrete sett paving overlay system

Q25/160 Natural stone cobble paving system

Q25/165 Natural stone cobble overlay paving system

Q25/26 Natural stone slab paving system

Q25/31 Concrete flag paving system

Specification data

Product Reference


Laying course



Sika®Pave lightweight aggregate


30 mm minimum.


Sika®Pave NF penetration grout

Standard product features

Laying course:

Pelletised sintered fly ash, 4–14 mm.


Sika®Pave NF penetration grout is a blend of cementitious materials, minerals and admixtures.

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