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SikaMur System


SikaMur® mortars consist of specially selected limestone aggregates, cements and air entraining additives. They are moisture vapour permeable, allowing the wall to dry out and are also designed to prevent efflorescence damage, improve thermal properties and protect against condensation. Suitable for internal or external application to damp masonry, including walls suffering from rising damp, containing salts or having undergone d.p.c. injection works.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_64_12 Cementitious rendersPrimary


M20/160 Proprietary cement gauged render

M20/19 Proprietary cement gauged render

M20/5 Cement:sand (air entrained)

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Specification data - Cementitious renders

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  • Bond coat/ Undercoat: SikaMur® Dry. Thickness (excluding keys and dubbing out): 5 mm minimum for plaster system. 15 mm minimum for salt barrier.
  • Finish Coat: SikaMur® Finish.Thickness: 1–3 mm.