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A pre-blended, ready to use, very hard wearing, coloured, non-metallic dry shake topping for monolithic floors. It is formulated from dry cement powder, very hard aggregates compatible admixtures and pigment.

Sprinkled onto and floated into fresh wet concrete floors, then power floated and power trowelled in the normal way, Sikafloor® – 2 SynTop forms a smooth, hard wearing surface.

The result is a very low maintenance, wear resistant floor suitable for warehouses, factory and workshop floors where a dense, abrasion resistant floor is required.

General information
Specification data - Surface hardeners
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Sikafloor® – 2 SynTop Non-Metallic Dry Shake Floor Hardener




Light grey

Mid grey

Classic grey



Tile red



Standard product features

When sealed Sikafloor® – 2 SynTop provides increased resistance to the penetration of oils, grease etc and is easily cleaned.

Sikafloor® – 2 SynTop conforms to BS 8204:Part 2 AR1 Class.

Sikafloor® – 2 SynTop should be sealed immediately after finishing using Sikafloor® - ProSeal (formerly Armorex Proseal), a clear acrylic resin polymer solution which impregnates, cures and hardens the concrete surface.

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