SikaCor® 6630-System

A corrosion protection system for steel structures, designed for on-site application. The system can be used on new structures, or as a maintenance system on existing structures, including those which have not been entirely de-rusted.

Features and benefits:

  • One component system.
  • Easy to apply.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Ss_40_90_60_85 Special coating systemsPrimary


G10/650 Site painting

Specification data - Special coating systems

Product Reference

SikaCor® 6630-System


Not required

Galvanized steel.

SikaCor® 6630 high solid EG

Standard product features

Base coat:

SikaCor® 6630 high solid EG.

Top coat:

SikaCor® 6630 high solid EG.

Product Options

Thickness (DFT, approximate):

  • Two coat system: 160 µm.
  • Three coat system (including primer): 240 µm.

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