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Sika-Trocal SGK Adhered Roof System S-Vap 5000E SA

PVC waterproof system for warm roofs.

System includes:

  • Sika-Trocal® SGK waterproof membrane.
  • Polyisocyanurate foam board insulation.
  • S-Vap 5000E SA vapour control layer.

- Waterproof membrane:

A PVC membrane, with glass fibre reinforcement and a fleece backing to the underside, for use in adhered single-ply waterproof systems. Suitable for pitched, flat and curved roofs. Highly resistant to ageing and industrial pollutants and requiring no surface treatment or maintenance throughout its service life.

The membrane is designed to be fully adhered to suitable substrates using Sika C300 polyurethane adhesive.

Laps are sealed with THF welding agent, with hot air sealing used at details.

- Vapour control layer:

A 0.60 mm thick, high-performance, self-adhesive vapour control layer, made of polymer modified bitumen, with glass fibre reinforcement and aluminium foil top layer. Suitable for use in high humidity environments, green roofing systems, loose-laid ballasted warm roof systems and all adhered and mechanically fastened systems. Water vapour resistance: >9000 MNs/g.

Can be used as a temporary waterproof layer for up to 4 weeks, in strict accordance with the product data sheet.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Ss_30_40_30_80 Single layer sheet warm roof covering systemsPrimary


J42/10 Warm deck roof covering

J42/110 Warm deck roof covering

Specification data - Single layer sheet warm roof covering systems

Product Reference

Sika-Trocal SGK Adhered Roof System S-Vap 5000E SA

Waterproof membrane



Sika-Trocal SGK


Light grey

Slate grey


Polyisocyanurate foam board

Vapour control layer

S-Vap 5000E SA


Sika-Trocal C200 PU Insulation adhesive

Sika-Trocal C300 PU membrane adhesive

Sika-Trocal metal

Sika-Trocal Primer 600

For use with S-Vap 5000E SA VCL.

Sika-Trocal S membrane

Sika-Trocal SG membrane

Standard product features

Waterproof membrane:

- Width:

2.00 m.

- Thickness:

  • Membrane: 1.5 mm.
  • Membrane and fleece: 2.4 mm.

- Mass:

2.1 kg/m².

Vapour control layer:

- Material:

Bitumen with aluminium foil top side.

- Dimensions:

  • Thickness: 0.60 mm.
  • Width: 1.38 m.
  • Roll width: 1.38 m.
  • Roll length: 30 m.

- Weight:

0.7 kg/m².

- Colour:

Grey metallic.

- Performance:

Water vapour resistance: >9000 MNs/g.

Product Options


  • Sika-Trocal C200 PU Insulation adhesive: Polyurethane based humidity-hardening one pack adhesive used to bond certain insulation boards on specific surfaces.
  • Sika-Trocal C300 PU membrane adhesive: One-component polyurethane based adhesive curing by humidity for partial bonding of SGK membranes.
  • Sika-Trocal SG: Used for detailing work.
  • Sika-Trocal metal: 0.6 mm thick galvanized steel coated on the upper side with 0.8 mm thick layer of plasticized PVC. Coloured to match the waterproof membrane. Used to produce perimeter flashings, connections and fixings.
  • Sika-Trocal S membrane: Used for detailing work.

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