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SIDERISE OLX series overlay pads are formed from a flexible acoustic composite material and are intended for direct application to the rear of suspended ceiling tiles. They provide a simple means of increasing the sound transmission loss across a suspended ceiling system. Their installation can significantly improve ‘room to room’ sound separation via a common ceiling void when vertical acoustic barriers cannot easily be used e.g. for common air plenums or for exceptionally high ceiling voids. The product is extremely easy and quick to install and is suitable for both new build and refurbishment.

The flexible nature of the product permits its easy introduction into the ceiling void. This is particularly useful for low void heights. The product is normally supplied marginally oversized compared to the grid opening. This ensures a tight compressive seal is formed at the pad perimeter minimizing possible sound leakage. The lower matt black foam layer allows direct fitting into untreated perforated metal ceiling trays.

General information

2000 x 1200 mm. Pre-cut products are available to required sizes; contact manufacturer for more information

Uniclass 2015
Sound attenuator infill units (Pr_35_93_13_80)Primary
Specification data - Sound attenuator infill units
Product Reference


9 mm thick, 5 kg/m² barrier component layer.


12 mm thick, 10 kg/m² barrier component layer.

Standard product features


6 mm thick carbon impregnated open-cell acoustic foam. Polymeric heavy barrier membrane and reinforced aluminium foil upper facing.

Finish/ colour:

  • Lower surface: Matt black open cell foam.
  • Upper surface: Bright reinforced aluminium foil.


2000 x 1200 mm. Pre-cut products are available to required sizes; contact manufacturer for more information.

Fire performance (to BS 476-7):

Class 1.

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