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Siderise CW-AB Acoustic Barrier Overlay for Facades

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Siderise Group

Siderise AB10 acoustic barriers, used as additional mass lines within curtain walling to form a higher performance sound barrier, improve floor-to-floor acoustic performance; used with Siderise CW-FS

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The Siderise AB10 is a flexible acoustic membrane for use as a mass-barrier above Siderise CW-FS fire stops in curtain walls. Using this acoustic upgrade can offer a significant improvement to the acoustic performance of the firestop. Incorporating mass barriers such as the Siderise AB10 into slab-edge details is often crucial for controlling floor-to-floor sound transmission.

Siderise AB10 is quick and easily to install, and is suitable for use in all curtain walls. The product is thin and flexible, and is designed to accommodate façade movement, unlike traditional mass-barrier materials such as steel or plasterboard.


Siderise AB10 comprises a high mass limp elastomeric membrane applied to a dense acoustic foam layer. The upper surface is faced with reinforced aluminium foil. The entire product is 12 mm thick.

Acoustic considerations:

The fire stop between the floor slab and façade represents a point of significant potential weakness in vertical sound transmission between floors.

Acoustic performance:

As the AB10 is sold as an acoustic upgrade for our CWFS firestops, we have not tested its standalone performance, however for the purposes of assessment by project acoustic consultants, the Weighted Sound Reduction index (dB Rw) of the mass barrier layer alone is presented below in Table 1. See ‘acoustic improvement’ below for the sound reduction index of this product in combination with the CWFS fire stop.

Additional acoustic performance increases can be achieved by combining the AB10 and CWFS with the Siderise CVB/C-10 cavity barrier. Contact our facades technical team at technical.services@siderise.com for performance guidance or 1/3rd octave test data.

Acoustic improvement to the firestop zone:

The Siderise AB10 has been developed for use with our Siderise CW range of perimeter barriers and fire stops for curtain walling.

Siderise fire stops already offer a good level of sound insulation performance (typically 22-25 dB Rw). This can be increased to 37 dB Rw by the addition of a Siderise AB10 overlay.

If further performance increases are required, our CVB/C-10 cavity barrier can be used in addition to achieve up to 51 dB Rw.

Features and benefits:

  • Reduces floor to floor sound transmission
  • Ideal for remedial treatment after installation of firestops
  • Accommodates façade movement
  • Deforms to contours
  • Quality assured to BS EN 9001

General information











Sheet; strip.


Pre-cut strip available

2000 mm


Pre-cut strip available

1200 mm


12 mm


Pr_25_80_81_51 Mineral wool fire-stoppingPrimary


H11/780 Thermal insulation

Product range

Curtain Walling

Specification data - Mineral wool fire-stopping






10.5 kg/m².


Metal foil laminate.

Fire performance

B-s2, d0.

Sound insulation rating

32 dB (Rw).

AB10, 12 mm thick.

Mass barrier layer only.


2000 x 1200 x 12 mm.

Sheet. Cut strip also available.

Environmental information

Contains Red List materials


Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom



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Siderise CW-AB Technical Data Sheet

Siderise CW-AB Technical Data Sheet

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