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SIDERISE CW-AB Acoustic Barrier Overlay - Facades (formerly Lamatherm CW-AB)

SIDERISE CW-AB Acoustic Barrier Overlay - Facades (formerly Lamatherm CW-AB)

Siderise Group

SIDERISE CW-AB acoustic barriers, used as additional mass lines within curtain walling to form a higher performance sound barrier, improve floor-to-floor acoustic performance; used with SIDERISE CW-FS

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A flexible acoustic composite for use as a mass overlay within curtain walling to form a high performance sound barrier. They represent a simple solution to the problem of improving 'floor-to-floor' acoustic performance when used in conjunction with SIDERISE CW-FS Perimeter Barriers and Firestops for Curtain Walling (formerly Lamatherm CW-FS fire and smoke stop for curtain walling).

SIDERISE Acoustic Barriers are extremely quick and easy to install and are suitable for improving sound performance within all curtain walling environments. Being flexible and thin, they are ideal for curtain wall application as unlike rigid boards or partitions, SIDERISE Acoustic Barrier Overlay is designed to accommodate facade deflection.

Features and benefits:

  • Accommodates facade movement.
  • Available in strip or sheet form for site cutting.
  • Deforms to contours.
  • Ideal for remedial treatment after installation of fire stops.
  • Quality assured to BS EN ISO 9001.
  • Reduces 'floor-to-floor' sound transmission.
  • Very flexible, easily cut and shaped on site.

General information

Aluminium foil facing to top side


Silver face


Improves 'floor to floor' acoustic performance, flexible allowing easy install, Accommodates façade movement, Deforms to contours


Foil Faced Polymeric Barrier and Carbon Impregnated Foam


2000 x 1200 sheet or cut strip available

Uniclass 2015
Pr_25_80_81_51 Mineral wool fire-stoppingPrimary

H11/780 Thermal insulation

Specification data - Mineral wool fire-stopping
Product Reference


8 mm thick, weight: 5.5 kg/m², 25 dB (Rw).


12 mm thick, weight: 10.5 kg/m², 29 dB (Rw).

Standard product features


Limp elastomeric heavy membrane applied to a flexible dense acoustic foam base layer. The upper surface is faced with a reinforced aluminium foil.

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