Side Trims

Side trims and welded corners are designed to form a neat and attractive edge around the open end of a step by concealing the edge of the floor covering and stair edging. Side trims are most commonly supplied as pre-welded corners to suit the angle between the tread and riser of the step (78–90°). Side trims can also be used in longer lengths to be used as trimming strips on landings etc.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_43_22 Edge trimsPrimary


L30/10 Wood stairs

L30/590 Applied stair nosings

M50/75 Stair nosings and trims

M50/750 Stair nosings and trims

M51/550 Stair nosings and trims

Specification data - Edge trims

Product Reference

Side Trim


2.00 m

TAC42 only.

2.75 m

All profiles except TAC42.

3.20 m

TP32 only.


Insert requirement from ‘Options’ below, not applicable for metallic options.

Standard product features


Proprietary cartridge adhesive fix: consult Gradus for further guidance.

Product Options


  • Flexible PVC (TP series): Black (LRV: 4.56), Brown (6.05), Dove (LRV: 26.99), Granite (LRV: 12.77), Snowdrift (LRV: 83.77).
  • Metallic PVC-U (MT series): Burnt Almond (LRV: 9.92), Doubloon (LRV: 22.01), Zinc (LRV: 15.91), Silver (LRV: 48.29).
  • PVC-U (HT series): Black (LRV: 4.99), Bluebell (LRV: 9.76), Brown (LRV: 7.15), Burgundy (LRV: 5.89), Buttercup (LRV: 62.62), Canvas (LRV: 55.43), Dove (LRV: 26.19), Evergreen (LRV: 6.63), Glacier (LRV: 42.73), Granite (LRV: 11.69), Ink (LRV: 5.40), Linen (LRV: 37.50), Midnight (LRV: 6.77), Snowdrift (LRV: 80.54).

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