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Extruded aluminium shutters and decorative louvres which can be installed for both external and internal building finishing. They allow for light and visibility control along with ventilation, and are useful for hiding elements such as building cooling towers.

Features and benefits:

  • Louvres/ shutters of distinct shapes and designs, which can be adapted to a range of projects.
  • Different installation possibilities, they can be installed vertically and horizontally (depending on the type).
  • Seven louvre/ shutter types.
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 13659.

General information

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Uniclass 2015 Louvre screen systems (Ss_25_50_45_45)
Specification data
Product Reference

Shutters and Decorative Louvres


Clip lattices

Decorative lattices

Decorative louvres



Sheet louvres

Tubular louvres


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Finish -


Polyester powder coated

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Standard product features

Wind resistance (to BS EN 13659):

Class 6 (maximum).

Based on louvres of length 2 m (lattices) and 1.3 m (mini-lattices and tubular louvres).

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