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ShieldINTENSIVE Intensive Roofing System

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Shield Membranes Ltd Third party certifications:
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management

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  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

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Intensive green roofing system.

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The build up is most suitable for large scale or more complex areas as it is a very flexible design and can be built into the existing structure.


ShieldINTENSIVE provides the most vibrant and aesthetically pleasing living roof finish. ShieldINTENSIVE systems are principally designed to create recreational and amenity spaces for people to enjoy. They are generally accessible and contain features similar to traditional gardens including lawns, trees, shrubs and hard landscaped areas. Intensive green roof systems involve using greater substrate depths (usually above 200mm) and often create a larger weight loading on the roof. Intensive green roof systems require a higher level of maintenance, including regular irrigation.


  • Shield waterproofing system.
  • Suitable Shield insulation.
  • ShieldGEOTEX Filter Layer.
  • ShieldMAT Drainage Layer.
  • ShieldGEOTEX Filter Layer.
  • ShieldINTENSIVE Growing Medium.

General information



Manufacturer guidance

Variable vegetation



Manufacturer guidance

Extensive growing medium








Ss_45_40_47_40 Intensive green roof systemsPrimary


Q37/110 Intensive green roof

Specification data - Intensive green roof systems

System performance

In accordance with the GRO Green Roof Code of Best Practice.



Protection layer

ShieldFELT Protection Sheet.

Root barrier

ShieldROOT M - Root Barrier Protection Sheet.

Moisture control


Drainage layer

ShieldMAT Drainage Layer.

Guidance for specification option:

Insert thickness requirement, available 20–40 mm.

Filter membrane

ShieldGEOTEX - Geotextile filter layer.

Guidance for specification option:

Recycled multi-coloured polyester, 300 g/m², laid above and below drainage layer.

Drainage ancillaries

ShieldBLU Blue Roof System.

ShieldDRAIN water outlets.

Planting systems


Planting medium

ShieldGREEN Growing Medium.

Guidance for specification option:

Minimum 75 mm thickness. Crushed brick or rubble (60%), locally sourced marine aggregate and grit (5–10%), growing medium (10–20%), wood mulch (10-20%).

Planting requirements

Plug and plant sedum/ wildflower mixes.

Fire breaks

20–40 mm washed pebbles with ShieldMET retainers, and in accordance with GRO guidelines.

Edge restraints

ShieldMET retainers - aluminium retaining angle.

Waterproofing coating

ShieldSEAL Liquid Applied Waterproofing System.

ShieldTEC Inverted Roof Hotmelt Waterproofing System.

ShieldTEC Warm Roof Hotmelt Waterproofing System.

ULTRAShield High Performance Felt Membrane System.


ShieldBOARD XPS Insulation.

Guidance for specification option:

Insert thickness requirement.


ShieldBOARD PIR Insulation.

ShieldWOOL Horizontal And Vertical Insulation.

ShieldGLASS Cellular Glass Insulation.

Sustainability data

Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom


Fully recyclable

Guidance for specification option:

Applicable to each individual component, not as a combined system

Recycled content

As defined in clause 7.8 of BS EN ISO 14021

85 %

Guidance for specification option:

up to

Third party certifications

ISO 9001 Quality Management

ISO 9001 Quality Management

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System


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