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SHEVTEC® Glazed Louvre AOV

For incorporating into curtain walling to provide a large free area of ventilation. Tested to BS EN 12101-2.


  • Thermally broken aluminium frame.
  • Maximum opening angle of 90°.
  • Sealed with continuous EPDM profiles.
  • CE Marked and compliant to applicable European regulations.

OSLoop coordinator:

A modular smoke control system linking 1–64 remotely mounted manual control points (MCP's) via a coordinator. The coordinator contains the mains power conversion electronics which provides the 24 V DC power for operation. It also contains a back up battery supply. Each MCP contains actuator circuitry which also monitors actuator cabling and circuitry for faults. When a fault occurs, a signal is sent to the coordinator and from there to the remote alarms.

OS2 Control panel:

Suitable for standalone systems through to fully networked intelligent SHEV systems with BMS interface. Operates on a mains voltage primary power supply and contains integral fully monitored and intelligent battery backup for secondary power operation.

General information

Self finish

Anodized powder coated

Insert colour requirement.


Thermally broken aluminium frame

Maximum opening angle of 90°

Sealed with continuous EPDM profiles

CE Marked and compliant to applicable European regulations

Uniclass 2015
Pr_70_65_04_56 Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilatorsPrimary

H11/140 Louvres

Specification data - Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators
Product Reference

SHEVTEC® Glazed Louvre AOV


Self finish

Anodized powder coated

Insert colour requirement.

Double glazing thickness

24 mm

28 mm

Mounting frame thickness

Available 24–40 mm.

Switches and sensors

Manual control point (MCP)

Allow the smoke control system to be manually overridden.

Open/ Close switches

Rain sensors

Smoke detector

Required to meet Building regulations. The detectors must solely be used to activate the SHEV.

Combined CO2 and temperature sensor

Internal temperature sensor

Outside temperature sensor

Wind speed and direction sensor

7 day Timer

24V Control

OSLoop coordinator

OS2 control panel



SHEVTEC® Repeater Panel

Provides system status information for each vent within a smoke ventilation system, as described in section U14.

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