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Crown Shed & Fence Opaque Finish is a superior high performance water based timber protection for use on fences, sheds and other garden or landscape timber. It may also be applied to rough sawn timber that has previously been preservative treated.


  • Crown Trade Fungicidal Solution - Use to remove organic growth from surfaces.
  • Sadolin Wood Preserver.
  • Sadolin Woodfiller.
  • Sadolin Stainable Woodfiller.

First coat:

  • Crown Shed & Fence Opaque Finish.

General information
Specification data
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Shed and Fence Opaque Finish



Dark Brown


Light Brown

Standard product features


Mid sheen.


  • Pigment: Coloured pigments.
  • Binder: Acrylic polymer.
  • Solvent: Water.

Drying time:

Recoatable after 6 hours under normal drying conditions.

Spreading rate:

Up to 12 m²/ litre on smooth surfaces.

Wet film thickness:

83 micrometres at 12 m²/ litre.

Dry film thickness:

23 micrometres at 12 m²/ litre.

VOC Content:

EU limit value for this product (cat A/e): 130 g/l (2010). This product contains max. 129 g/l VOC.