Pre-plumbed units come complete with panels, sanitary ware, brass-ware and plumbing all assembled onto a rigid aluminium frame ready to install. All Bushboard wall hung WCs are factory fitted prior to delivery. Floor mounted back-to-wall WCs are supplied separately for on-site fixing.

The panels are available as standard modules. Bushboard can provide a bespoke service, where panels are manufactured to specific site dimensions. CAD drawings will be supplied with each delivery.


- Panels:

Solid grade laminate panels, supplied with polished black radiused edges.

- Framing:

Factory assembled rigid extruded aluminium frame. Integral rail for cisterns and sanitary ware.

- Flashgaps:

Supplied oversize for on-site adjustment.

- Panels:

Factory fitted access panels.

- Plumbing:

Pre-plumbed and pressure tested where appropriate.

- Fittings:

Push fit, lift off or hinged panel fittings.

- Tiebacks:

Threaded rods, adjustable in two planes, lock frame to the building structure.

- Skirting:

Pre-finished aluminium skirting in Silver or Charcoal Grey powder coat.

- Sanitary ware:

A dedicated range of sanitary ware specifically chosen and tested for Bushboard RPM units.

Refer to the following section/ clause for details of Bushboard sanitary ware for use with pre-plumbed panels:

  • N13/ 525 - WCS and Cisterns.
  • N13/ 530 - Urinal Suites and Auto Flushing Cisterns.
  • N13/ 545 - Wash Basins.
  • N13/ 550 - Vanity Units.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_40_20_93_62 Pre-plumbed installation framesPrimary


K32/160 Duct linings – preplumbed panels and proprietary frames

N13/341 Vanity tops with formed washbasins

Specification data - Pre-plumbed installation frames

Product Reference

SGL Pre-plumbed Module




As schedule ___



Lift off

Push fit

Skirting colour

Charcoal grey

Powder coated.


Powder coated.

Other requirements


Duct locks


As schedule ___

Standard product features


  • Solid grade laminate 1400 kg/m³ grade chipboard.
  • Finished panel thickness: 13 mm.

- Edge detail:

Polished black radiused edges.

Included features:

  • Rigid lightweight aluminium frame.
  • Access panels.
  • Sanitary ware with associated plumbing and brassware.

Product Options


- Colour:

Large range of colour options, together with five wood grain and four laminate finishes available - select from manufacturer's literature.


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