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– Commercial:

  • Facades.
  • Windows.
  • Structural glazing.
  • Overhead glazing.


SGG Planitherm Ultra N offers superior thermal insulation properties for the most demanding of glass specifications, where neutrality and excellent performance are paramount. Building Regulation (England & Wales) Approved Document L compliant.


– Commercial:

  • Facades.
  • Windows.
  • Structural glazing.
  • Overhead glazing.

– Domestic:

  • Windows and skylights.
  • Patio doors, French doors and other external doors.
  • Conservatories and sun rooms.


  • Enhanced thermal insulation; up to three times more than standard double glazing.
  • Neutral in both transmission and reflection offering exceptional clarity of appearance.

Insulating glazing:

Suitable glasses for use in conjunction with SGG Planitherm Ultra N in double glazed units:

  • SGG Bioclean.
  • SGG Cool-Lite ST.
  • SGG Diamant.
  • SGG Planiclear.
  • SGG Satinovo.
  • SGG Securit.
  • SGG Stadip Silence.


SGG Planitherm Ultra N products are manufactured in compliance with the requirements of BS EN 1096: Class B.

The suitability of SGG Planitherm Ultra N coatings for use in exterior structural sealant glazing has been tested in accordance with ETAG 002, with Dow-Corning DC993 and DC3362 silicones covered by an ETA (European Technical Approval). Manufactured in the UK to BES 6001; responsible sourcing of construction products

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Specification data - Heat-strengthened glass sheets
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SGG Planitherm Ultra N


Inner pane

Outer pane


4 mm

6 mm

6.8 mm

7.5 mm

8 mm

8.8 mm

10 mm

10.8 mm





Toughened and heat soak tested

Product Options


SGG Planitherm Ultra N is available as SGG Stadip and SGG Stadip Protect laminated glass in most common configurations. Laminated glass offers safety and security performance as well as UV filtration. For acoustic laminate specific dimensions and compositions, please contact Saint-Gobain Glass UK.

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