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SGG Cool-Lite Xtreme 50/22 II

  • Offices and commercial buildings.
  • Industrial buildings.
  • Curtain walling facades.
  • Schools and hospitals.
  • High-end conservatories and skylight glazing.


SGG Cool-Lite Xtreme 50/22 from Saint-Gobain Glass is a high performance solar control glazing. It is a triple-silver layered solar control glass offering an excellent selectivity of only 2.27. Ideal for use in commercial glazing where light transmittance is important but the need to keep solar heat out in the summer months, and retain internal heat in the winter months, is also a factor. SGG Cool-Lite Xtreme 50/22 is suited for all types of commercial buildings where large areas of glazing are required.


  • SGG Cool-Lite Xtreme 50/22 has the highest selectivity of 2.27 available from Saint-Gobain Glass.
  • The level of natural light is very high at 50% while the solar heat gain is extremely low with a g-value as low as 0.22.
  • Excellent U-values of 1.0 W/m²K.
  • A high degree of neutrality both in transmission and exterior reflection.
  • Available in a 'to be toughened' version.
  • Ideal for large façades and atria glazing where the neutral coating allows light through but reduces heat transfer through the glass.


  • Offices and commercial buildings.
  • Industrial buildings.
  • Curtain walling facades.
  • Schools and hospitals.
  • High-end conservatories and skylight glazing.


SGG Cool-Lite Xtreme products meet the durability requirements of European Standards EN 1096-1 and -2, Class C.

General information
Uniclass 2015
Pr_25_71_33_37 Heat-strengthened glass sheetsPrimary

L40/310 Bead-fixed single-glazing

L40/210 Putty-fronted single-glazing

L40/230 Bead-fixed single-glazing

L40/371 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/55 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/381 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/350 Bead-fixed single-glazing

L40/330 Bead-fixed single-glazing

L40/470 Zipper gasket glazing

L40/250 Bead-fixed single-glazing

L40/372 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

H10/115 Patent glazing

L40/57 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/260 Bead-fixed single-glazing

L40/40 Putty-fronted single-glazing

L40/530 Internal tape glazing

H10/10 Patent glazing

L40/90 Internal tape glazing

L40/50 Bead-fixed single-glazing

L40/490 Single-sided gasket glazing

L40/450 Single-glazing into grooves

L40/58 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/370 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

H11/110 Curtain walling

L40/410 Single-glazing into grooves

H13/115 Structural glass assembly

L40/430 Single-glazing into grooves

L40/380 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

Specification data - Heat-strengthened glass sheets
Product Reference

SGG Cool-Lite Xtreme 50/22 II

Outer pane -

6 mm

8 mm

10 mm

12 mm






Toughened and heat soak tested

Inner pane -

SGG Diamant

SGG Planiclear

SGG Stadip

SGG Stadip Silence

SGG Seralit

SGG Emalit


6 mm

6.8 mm

7.5 mm

8 mm

8.8 mm

9.5 mm

10 mm

10.8 mm

11.5 mm

12 mm

12.8 mm

13.5 mm

14.8 mm

16.8 mm

17.5 mm

Standard product features


The appearance in reflection of SGG Cool-Lite Xtreme 50/22 is extremely neutral.

Standard size (w x l):

3210 x 6000 mm.

Product Options


Though the main function of SGG Cool-Lite Xtreme 50/22 is solar control, it has additional thermal insulation. Available in a 'to be toughened' form to be used in double glazed units. The product can be toughened, heat-strengthened, edge worked. Contact manufacturer for details.

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