Servirufe® Traffic Deck System


Servirufe traffic deck system combines Bituthene 4000 sheet membranes; Servidek liquid applied membrane and Servipak protection boards to provide a durable waterproofing and protection system capable of accepting a wide range of wearing surfaces on concrete decks subject to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

General information


J41/125 Single layer reinforced bitumen membrane inverted roof covering

Specification data

Product Reference

Servirufe® Traffic Deck System


Not required

Bituthene® Primer S/2

Thermal insulation

Not required

Insupak 2

Sub-surface drainage

Not required


Standard product features


Bituthene 4000 sheet membrane and Servidek liquid applied membrane.

Surface protection:

Servipak protection boards.

Product Options

Sub-surface drainage:

Sub-surface drainage can be introduced by utilizing Hydroduct®.