Sensazone Mains Power Adapter

Prevents water wastage, eliminate the risk of flooding in vacant periods and reduces utility bills.


  • BREEAM compatible; credits under Hea 06, Hea 07, Ene 04 and Wat 03.
  • Infrared sensor(s) controls supply of all water and electrical services: hot water, cold water, grey/ rainwater, lighting, ventilation.
  • Hygiene flush feature.
  • Avoid flooding due to vandalism or water wastage due to defective outlets.
  • Ambient light sensor feature – lights only turned on when natural light levels require.
  • Surface mounted; suitable for any ceiling type.
  • Ensures compliance with Water Regulations and can earn BREEAM credits.
  • Can be used to control both water and electrics, or water only (taps, WCs and urinals) or electrics only (e.g. lights, fans).

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1 year + 2 Years extendable warranty (parts only)

Uniclass 2015

Pr_80_51_51_19 Current transformersPrimary


N13/420 Proximity sensor control units

Specification data - Current transformers

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  • When Sensazone detects a user entering the washroom it activates up to three (for hot, cold and rain/ grey water supplies) solenoid valves to allow water to flow freely into the washroom.
  • If no motion has been detected for a user-configurable time of either 15 or 30 minutes, the valve will close the water supply to the area until further movement is detected.
  • Sensazone is designed to control up to three 2W 2/2 bi-stable (latching) solenoid valves per washroom area.

System configuration:

A number of additional control and sensor kits are available from Cistermiser Ltd which can be added to the Sensazone system so as to control water supply/ lighting/ fans in multiple areas of a washroom. Consult product literature and contact manufacturer for details.

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