SECUR-DOR 2 Double

SECUR-DOR 2 Double

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Intruder resistant, double leaf, security doorset.

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For protecting low to medium risk properties from determined opportunist attempts at forced entry using a variety of hand tools. It is particularly suitable as apartment doors for residential and social housing.


Double leaf, single swing, security door made from corrosion resistant zintek®/ Aluzinc sheets.

Features and benefits:

  • Tested to and passed Warrington Exova Certisecure STS 202 BR2 and PAS 24 standards.
  • It is included in the ‘Secured by Design’ scheme and conforms to BS EN 1627 RC2.
  • The door can offer up to 120 minutes fire rating if fitted with appropriate ironmongery.

General information


Polyester powder coated




Corrosion resistant zintek®/ Aluzinc sheets.


2700 x 2800 mm


Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_24_37 High-security doorsetsPrimary


L20/480 Doorsets

L20/55 Doorsets

Specification data - High-security doorsets Enhanced data

Security performance

To STS202 BR2, PAS24 and to BS EN 1627 RC2.

STS202 BR2 & PAS24 ironmongery available. Included in the ‘Secured by Design’ scheme and conforms to BS EN 1627 RC2.

Fire rating

Up to 120 minutes.

If fitted with appropriate ironmongery.


Folded from 1.6 mm thick zintek®/ Aluzinc sheets, with mineral wool infill.

Type A, B or C.

Door leaf



48 mm.

Locking mechanism

High security deadlock with pull handles.

To PAS 24.

High security sashlock with lever handles.

To PAS 24.


[-] Insert requirements.


Installing hardware.

Product Reference

SECUR-DOR 2 Double


Equal split, latched.

Equal split, unlatched.

Unequally split, latched.

Unequally split, unlatched.

Finish/ Colour

Polyester powder coated, non-standard colour range.

Insert colour requirement.

Polyester powder coated, standard colour range.

Standard, insert colour requirement.


For site finishing.


Frame profile.

Type A.

100 mm depth.

Type B.

95 mm depth.

Type C.

95 mm depth.


Frame threshold.

5 mm driveable.

DDA compliant.

15 mm rebated.

Standard, DDA compliant.


Vision panels.

Not required.

254 x 254 mm.

254 x 559 mm.

⌀ 305 mm.

⌀ 457 mm.

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Vision panels.

Not required.

11.5 mm thick laminated, clear.

11.5 mm thick laminated, wired.


Fire escape.

PAS 24 - High security deadlock with pull handles.

PAS 24 - High security sashlock with lever handles.

STS202 (BR2).

Thermal transmittance (U-Value)

2.4 W/m²K.

Size (w x h)

As drawing.

Insert reference.

As schedule.

Insert reference.

Environmental information

Contains Red List materials


Country of material origin

United Kingdom



Recycled content

New materials only.


Third party certifications

  • Certified
  • Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB): Certified

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