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Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional Overhead Doors

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Highly insulated sectional overhead doors.

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  • An ideal and durable solution designed to ensure efficient goods flow into and out of warehouses, logistics centres, showrooms, and retail or industrial premises.
  • Suitable for commercial and industrial applications.


Highly insulated sectional overhead doors available in 40 and 60 mm panel thicknesses.

The KONE sectional door leaf provides good sound and thermal insulation as an outer door for industrial buildings and warehouses.

It is also available as a full vision door leaf, for showrooms or buildings where many people are working, providing good visibility and allowing in natural light.

Available with manual or eco-efficient automatic operation and available with a wide range of windows and finishes, they are easy to integrate into modern architectural designs.

Features and benefits:

  • High insulation and acoustic properties.
  • HFC, CFC and HCFC free high density polyurethane foam with zero ozone depletion potential.
  • Energy saving.
  • Weather tight.
  • High wind resistance.
  • Durable, space-efficient.
  • Various methods of activation.
  • TUV certified and CE compliant.
  • Almost endless variety of glazing options.
  • External finish is a stylish optical effect and future proof micro profile design.
  • Certification to BS EN 13241.

General information


Available with a wide range of colours.








As drawing / as schedule.

The standard sizes range:

  • 2000—8000 mm (width).
  • 2250—6000 mm (height).


Pr_30_59_24_75 Sectional overhead doorsetsPrimary


L20/60 Doors

L20/615 Sectional overhead doors

Product range

Sectional Overhead Doors

Specification data - Sectional overhead doorsets Enhanced data

Third party accreditation

Certification to BS EN 13241.







Track system

  • The choice of track system is determined by the headroom available above the door opening and the client’s requirements.
  • The shape and dimensions of the space required for installation are determined by the type of track system.
  • The track system should be selected to minimise the loss of space in the building.

T 240.

240 mm headroom above opening.

T 340.

340 mm headroom above opening.

T 400.

700–4500 mm headroom above opening.

T 400 hF.

1775–4500 mm headroom above opening.

T 450.

430–700 mm headroom above opening.

T 500.

Clear opening height + 500 mm.

T 500 hF.

Clear opening height + 500 mm.

Door panels



Steel sandwich panels.


Micro profile.

Smooth with ribs.

Standard stucco with ribs.


Painted, RAL.

Insert colour requirement.




Electric, high-speed drive.

  • Short opening and closing times reduce heat losses and substantially increase transit speed.
  • The system is available with pushbutton control and variable speed control and is suitable for remote operation.
  • This system can be used with door leaf areas of up to 25 m².

Electric, fully automatic operation (Impulse).

  • Drives with impulse operation are suitable for sectional doors which are operated very frequently.
  • During opening and closing, the door automatically moves to the appropriate end position.
  • When in the fully open position, the entire door opening is available.
  • An obstacle detection system (safety edge) is incorporated in the bottom seal of the door.
  • When the photocell beam of the safety edge system is broken by contact between the seal and an obstacle, the sectional door will stop and reverse.
  • This system is suitable for a door leaf area of up to 50 m².

Electric, semi-automatic operation (Dead man).

  • This is a good choice for sectional doors which are not operated very frequently.
  • The upward movement of the door is initiated by pressing and releasing a button.
  • The sectional door opens and stops when it reaches the upper end position.
  • The button for the downward movement has to be pushed and held down (dead man operation).
  • This type of operation is suitable for sectional doors of up to 50 m² door leaf area.

Manual, chain hoist.

  • Chain hoist operation is suitable for sectional doors which are not operated very frequently.
  • A chain tensioner is included, further optimising ease of operation and safety.
  • This type of operation is suitable for medium-sized sectional doors of up to 25 m² door leaf area.

Manual, pull-cord.

  • Pull-cord operation is suitable for smaller sectional doors that are only used rarely.
  • This type of operation is suitable for sectional doors of up to 12 m² door leaf area.


Not applicable.

For manual operation.

Single phase, 230 V.

Three phase, 400 V.


Not required.

Obstacle detection system.

Standard on Impulse motor system.

Running ahead optical obstacle detection system.

Spring break safety.

Stationary photocell.

Slack cable safety.

  • This safety device which is standard for all motor systems, is fitted to both wire cables and immediately switches the electric drive off if one of the wire cables breaks or slackens.
  • Complies with BS EN 13241-1 and BS EN 12453-1.


  • Two 3D adjustable carriers per door leaf.

Draught prevention.

  • Flexible rubber seals to all four sides of the door.


  • ISO windows are constructed from 30 mm thick double glazed polycarbonate with a moulded black plastic frame.
  • They have an insulation K-value of 2.8 W/m²K.



Integrated wicket doors.


Door panels.

40 mm.

U-value: 0.51.

60 mm.

U-value: 0.34.


Door panels.

488 mm.

Not available with 60 mm thickness.

610 mm.

732 mm.

Not available with 60 mm thickness.


Door panels.

Not required.

Full vision sectional door leaf.

Inset requirement, available in many options.

ISO window with rectangular corners.

ISO window with rounded corners.

ISO window with rounded corners.

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Third party certifications

  • Certification to BS EN 13241