Secondary Glazing Horizontal Slider Unit


Horizontally sliding secondary glazing available in two, three and four panelled combinations. Can be supplied with arched or gothic head profiles and with stacking units. These units are generally used in conjunction with either sash or casement windows where full access is required and where there is sufficient space internally to open the casement secondary glazing.


Tested and approved to the following British Standards:

  • BS 1474 (Aluminium Alloy).
  • BS 7386 (Polypropylene draught strip).
  • BS 6375-1 (Performance - Water tightness - Test pressure class 300 Pa).
  • BS 5368-1 (Performance - Air permeability - Test pressure class 600 Pa).
  • BS 5821-3 (Acoustic performance - Weighted sound reduction index, minimum Rw 49 dB).
  • BS 6206 (Glazing).
  • BS 2782 (Gaskets).

General information


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Uniclass 2015

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null Secondary glazing system

L10/580 Secondary glazing system

Specification data - Aluminium window units

Product Reference

Secondary Glazing Horizontal Slider Unit


CO3 Left-hand

Three-piece horizontal slider.

CO3 Right-hand

Three-piece horizontal slider.

SS2 Left-hand

Two-piece horizontal slider.

SS2 Right-hand

Two-piece horizontal slider.


Three-piece horizontal slider.


Four-piece horizontal slider.


Five-piece horizontal slider.


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As schedule

Special features

Not required

Arched head

Gothic head

Stacking units

Frame finish

Anodized, natural


Polyester powder coating, white

Polyester powder coating, van dyke brown

Polyester powder coating, RAL

Special order, insert colour requirement.


Acoustic glass, 6.4 mm

Acoustic glass, 6.8 mm

Clear float glass, 4 mm

Clear float glass, 6 mm

Laminated glass, 6.4 mm

Laminated glass, 6.8 mm

Toughened glass, 4 mm

Toughened glass, 6 mm






Barrel lock

Budget lock

Chubb lock

Shoot bolt

Restricted opening lock







6 x 15 mm D.B.N

6 x 33 mm D.B.N

6 x 43 mm D.B.N

6 x 21 mm S.B.N

6 x 27 mm S.B.N

6 x 37 mm S.B.N

6 x 44 mm S.B.N

6 x 55 mm S.B.N

6 x 75 mm S.B.N

Grounds/ Sub frame

21 x 45 mm hardwood sub-frame, standard fix

21 x 62 mm hardwood sub-frame, reveal fix

30 x 30 mm hardwood sub-frame, bay adaptor

Insert requirement.


Face fix

Reveal fix

Standard product features


Aluminium 6063 T6 Alloy to BS 1474.

Weather pile:

Polypropylene draught strip to BS 7386.


  • Water tightness (to BS 6375-1): Test pressure class 300 Pa.
  • Air permeability (to BS 5368-1): Test pressure class 600 Pa.
  • Acoustic performance (to BS 2750-3, BS 5821-3): Weighted sound reduction index, minimum Rw 49 dB.

Product Options

Product reference:

Available with combinations of two, three or four panels. Two and three panel systems are handed.

Size (w x h, maximum):

  • Two panel: 2400 x 2000 mm.
  • Three panel: 3600 x 2000 mm.
  • Four panel: 4900 x 2000 mm.
  • Five panel: 4900 x 2000 mm.

Frame finish:

Anodized to AA5 - BS 3987 or polyester powder coating to BS 6496 to give a 60 micron high gloss finish. Stock colours are white and van dyke brown, other RAL colours available on request.


Glazing to BS 6206. Available with acoustic glass, clear float glass, laminated glass or toughened glass, all in a range of thicknesses.


Extruded to BS 2782. Standard colour black, white gaskets available on request.


Available with a range of ironmongery.


Hardwood or PVC-U trims colour coded in a range of sizes.

Grounds/ Sub-frames:

Available with hardwood sub-frames to suit standard or reveal fix, or with bay adaptor.


Consult Ventrolla for recommendations and details.

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