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Schöck Bole®

Schöck Bole® Type F

Schöck Ltd Variant:

Punching shear reinforcement.

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Perfect solution to provide punching shear reinforcement in flat slabs.


Schöck Bole® is a punching shear reinforcement consisting of double headed studs with spacing bars to secure correct positioning. The various types of Schöck Bole® facilitate time-saving installation in different situations. Schöck Bole® type O is mounted after and type U before installation of the top and bottom slab reinforcement.

Features and benefits:

  • Punching of flat slabs: The shear force capacity of flat slabs at the column connection is very limited. High loads can occur causing a fatal punching failure. This can be avoided by using Schöck Bole®.
  • Perfect anchorage: Due to forged head on both ends of the stud.
  • Reference label: The label at the first stud shows the exact description of the element.
  • Non load-bearing weld: The studs are only welded on spacer bars in order to ensure the distances.
  • European technical assessed with CE-mark based on ETA-13/0076.

General information




Carbon steel


Pr_20_96_71_67 Prefabricated reinforcementPrimary


E30/240 Proprietary prefabricated reinforcement

Specification data - Prefabricated reinforcement


Shear heads.


10 mm.

30 mm head diameter, 34.4 kN tensile yield strength.

12 mm.

36 mm head diameter, 49.2 kN tensile yield strength.

14 mm.

42 mm head diameter, 67 kN tensile yield strength.

16 mm.

48 mm head diameter, 87.4 kN tensile yield strength.

20 mm.

60 mm head diameter, 136.6 kN tensile yield strength.

25 mm.

75 mm head diameter, 213.6 kN tensile yield strength.

Third party certification

European Technical Assessment - ETA-13/0076.



Schöck Bole® type F was developed in collaboration with prefabricating plants in response to their particular needs. The integrated placeholders on the distribution strip enable easy application of the studs once the reinforcement is in place. Automatic installation of the reinforcement is therefore also possible. Schöck Bole® type F was specially optimised for use in element slabs at prefabricating plants.

  • Optimised workflow: The separate installation of distribution bar and studs means that robots are not hindered when installing the reinforcement.
  • Individually adaptable: The plastic distribution strips can easily be cut to size and combined with different studs.
  • Everything in stock: Most of a prefabricating plant’s requirements can be met with just a few types of studs and adaptable distribution strips.


Insert requirement.


Anchor length

Insert requirement, available 130–400 mm dependent on anchor diameter.


Anchor spacing

Insert requirement.


Strip length

Insert requirement.


Case studies

Residential Complex "Green Center"

Residential Complex "Green Center"

Harbour Central

Harbour Central