Sarnafil TG76 Felt Adhered Cold Roof System

Sarnafil TG76 Felt Adhered Cold Roof System

Sika Sarnafil Third party certifications:
  • BBA Agrément Certificate

    BBA Agrément Certificate

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Adhered fleece backed, Flexible Polyolefine (FPO) single-ply membrane for use on cold roof applications.

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A Flexible Polyolefine (FPO) single-ply membrane with a 200 g/m² polyester fleece laminated to the underside, designed to be fully adhered to the substrate.

System includes:

  • Sarnafil TG76 waterproof membrane.
  • Sarnacol 2142s or 2172 spray adhesive.

- Waterproof membrane:

Sarnafil T/TC membranes are manufactured using a specially developed in line extrusion coating process. This coats both sides of the glass-fibre carrier simultaneously with a compounded Flexible Polyethylene to produce a dynamically stable membrane, which is suitable for adhered and loose laid ballasted applications.

The process enables between 2% and 5% of recycled material to be used in the production of new membranes.

- Adhesive:

Sarnacol 2172:

Spray applied PU-based contact adhesive (red-coloured), designed to adhere Sarnafil G410-EL or G410-ELF waterproof membranes to substrates of steel, timber, concrete, or approved thermal insulation boards. Substrates should be solvent-resistant, dry and free of oil and grease.

Sarnacol 2142s:

Polyurethane-based adhesive, designed to adhere Sarnafil G410-ELF or TG76-Felt waterproof membranes to substrates of timber, concrete, or thermal insulation board.

Substrates should be solvent-resistant, dry and free of oil and grease.


Certified by BBA to have a life expectancy in excess of 25 years.


Sarnafil TG76 Felt can be adhered to timber, concrete or suitable thermal insulation boards, with Sarnacol 2142S or 2172 spray adhesive. Installation is carried out by Sarnafil contractors, who are specifically trained in the installation requirements of Sarnafil T membranes, including the correct method of forming laps using Sarnafil T Prep, prior to hot-air welding.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Ss_30_40_30_78 Single layer sheet cold roof covering systemsPrimary


J42/130 Cold deck roof covering

Specification data - Single layer sheet cold roof covering systems

Product Reference

Sarnafil TG76 Felt Adhered Cold Roof System

Waterproof membrane



Sarnafil TG76





Window grey (RAL 7040)




Sarnacol 2142s adhesive

Sarnacol 2172 spray adhesive


Primer 501

Sarnafil T clean

Sarnafil T prep

Sarnametal T

Sarnaplast 2235

TG/TS rainwater outlets

Standard product features


2.0 m.

Length of roll:

20 m.


  • 1.2 mm thick: 1.52 kg/m².
  • 1.8 mm thick: 1.85 kg/m².

Product Options


  • Primer 501: Surface primer creating a key for Sarnaplast 2235.
  • Sarnafil T clean: Cleaning agent.
  • Sarnafil T prep: Seam preparation for use prior to hot-air welding.
  • Sarnametal T: Galvanized metal sheet with Sarnafil T factory laminated to it, for use in prefabricate flashings and drip details.
  • Sarnaplast 2235: Elastic one-part silicone sealant for sealing edges and perimeter upstand flashing terminations.
  • TG/TS rainwater outlets: Injection moulded FPO outlets and scuppers.

Third party certifications
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