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Sanidor Glissade - Airtight sliding hygiene doors

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Tekta UK

Hermetically sealed sliding doors, ideal for applications in highly controlled environments.

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Suitable for applications in highly controlled environments.


Hermetic doors unite the advantages of an automatic door with the seal and hygiene required in clean room environments. The specialist Sanidor Glissade door is designed for internal or external openings with an innovative construction that allows an air tight, Fire rated and Hygienic environment 


Construction: Glissade fire rated and air tight doors are made from electrolytic galvanized steel with a core of absorptive and non-combustible mineral wool insulation and fire rated materials. The doors come with a 2mm electrolytic galvanized steel door frame and 3 pcs galvanized steel hinges with stainless steel pin. Special rubber gaskets between door leaf and frame assure a good air tight seal. Fitted with a corner frame


Finish: Full customization. Surface available in stainless steel or High Pressure Laminate (HPL) available in a wide range of colours, or a combination of both. Wide range of accessories available. Both door leaf and door frame in a single RAL colour. 3 pcs hinges – galvanized steel hinge blades with AISI 304 stainless steel pin and rings, in the same coating and color as door leaf and door frame. Threshold type 7: ascending; threshold height 14mm; water tightness class 4A (NEN-N12208). 

2-component primer and topcoat, total DFT approx. 90m, based on corrosion class C3 (ISO12944-2) Both door leaf and door frame in a single RAL color, RAL TBD (metallic and pearlescent colors etc. on request, subject to extra charge)


Operation: BKS mortice lock with latch and deadbolt. Interior/exterior door operation by: door handle/door handle, BKS FS (stainless steel) door furniture. Suitable for single euro profile cylinder (17mm), Size: 50mm provisional cylinder - non-burglary resistant -, final cylinder to be provided by third parties) Door closer


Performance: Fire rated EW120 classification (EN13501-2) and tested acc. (EN1634-1). Airtight/gastight construction. Air tightness: Tested acc. EN 12207 on a single leaf door with 48 mm threshold. Leakage indication approx. 1,23 m3/h*m² at pressure 50 Pa in positive direction (door leaf pressed towards door frame). 



  • Industry leading specialist door for Air tightness and fire rating (Tested and Rated)
  • Special rubber gaskets between door leaf and frame assure a good air tight seal.
  • The whole door assembly is designed to guarantee hygiene: recessed vision panel, door handle, easy cleaning materials.
  • Hermetic sliding doors: equipped to hermetically seal the opening. Clear View glass hermetic doors: allow observation rooms to be insulated without losing visibility from inside. For moments in which a certain degree of privacy is required, there is the option of self-dimming glass or glass equipped with integrated Venetian blind.

General information



Arctic blue – 0718.


Fundermax (antibacterial) finish. 





High pressure laminate (HPL)











Pr_30_59_24_80 Sliding door and partition setsPrimary


L20/480 Doorsets

L20/520 Sliding doors

L20/60 Doors

Specification data - Sliding door and partition sets


Hermetic sealing sliding doors.

Track system

Manufacturer's standard.

Door leaves



Aluminium profiles, 50 mm Polyisocyanurate board (PIR) insulated core sandwich panel, 4 mm High Pressure Laminate (HPL) panel facings.

Finish and colour

HPL, 0718 Arctic Blue Fundermax (antibacterial) finish.


SMART-PROX contactless push-button.

To each side of each door opening to operate the door.


External: Tubular door handle (600 mm length), Internal: Recessed door handle.


VISIO-HER-LD right single-sliding, hermetic operator, Pastel Blue 5024.

Vision panels

Flush mounted, 90 x 800 mm.


MK40-CLIP type sliding frame, grade 304 stainless steel finish.


DDS -S infrared safety sensor (infrared monitored) mounted to each side of each door.


Internal, insulated.

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