SALTO Access Management System

The SALTO Virtual Net (SVN) access management system is the result of a joint venture between Allgood and SALTO Systems.

The SALTO technology allows locks to read from and write smart cards.

The SVN system connects on-line access control with stand-alone access control.

It enhances the connectivity of off-line doors using those doors that are managed on-line.

Updating information travels from the system software to the locks via a user key (card).

Online doors are IP addressed via Ethernet directly (or remotely via a modem), linked to the SALTO read write Pro Access software.

It is these doors that act not only as an online lock but also as a data transfer point, so changes made on the software are transmitted to the online units, which in turn upload the data to all keys (cards and ibuttons), which in turn updates any stand-alone units that they subsequently operate.

Allgood iCOM, cardCOM and proxCOM access systems are suitable for use with the SALTO Virtual Net management system.

The electronic furniture is used to lock the stand-alone doors, whilst the wall mounted reader with SVN control unit and electric locking devices are used to control any online doors.

The control units have integral Ethernet cards and act as TCP/IP addressable doors connected to the software via the internal LAN or WAN cabling or via Wi-Fi.

Features and benefits:

  • Read and Write capability.
  • Separate in and out audit trail data.
  • Remote door opening control to online doors.
  • Integral door alarms.
  • Controlled door opening and closing time function.
  • Optional relay extension board, allowing the installation of additional relays to be access controlled and triggered, ideal for controlling lifts, etc.
  • Configurable second relay, for CCTV camera on/off control and interconnecting door control, etc.

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Virtual Net Access Management System

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