Saddle and Batten System

A dry floating floor system that levels the understructure for supporting particleboard, plywood and hardwood flooring. Suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

The system is designed to resist the passage of impact sound transmission by the use of 9 mm resilient pads fixed to the underside of the saddles, and by isolating the floor deck from the surrounding construction.

System components:

Flooring, support bearers, packers, acoustic saddles, elevating blocks, flanking strips and acoustic quilt.

General information
Specification data - Acoustic batten cradles

Product Reference

Saddle and Batten System


18 mm Type P5 moisture resistant grade particleboard

22 mm Type P5 moisture resistant grade particleboard

___ mm WBP spruce plywood

Support bearer height

22 mm

36 mm

45 mm

52 mm

61 mm

Saddle headcap height




Elevating blocks


Not required

Contractor's choice

Acoustic flanking strip

Required, height ___ mm

Not required

Standard product features

Support bearers:

47 mm nominal width, in 1800 mm lengths for ease of handling.


  • Manufactured from tough, injection moulded plastic, with three different shoulder heights to accommodate the three standard support bearers.
  • Supplied with interlocking packing pieces, colour coded to indicate sizes, the packers locate into the base of the saddles to achieve the required heights and to assist in levelling uneven substrates.
  • Can accommodate cross noggins at access panel locations and perimeter bearers.

Product Options

Elevating blocks:

  • Made from injection moulded plastic.
  • Can be placed in combination below saddles, where floor variations are extreme, up to a maximum height of 150 mm.

Acoustic flanking strip:

  • 6 mm thick, preformed ‘L’ shaped, acoustic foam supplied in strips 1.8 m long.
  • The innovative ‘L’ shape makes it easy to fit, and one size fits all floors. It is lightly trapped between bottom of skirting and top of flooring board, with excess neatly trimmed off.

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