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BLASI SU sliding door drives cater for door opening sizes of up to 4000 mm in width. The maximum weight of the door leaves is up to 1 x 200 or 2 x 200 kg. A depth of at least 200 mm is required for installation. Sloping doors, heavier leaves and larger opening widths are available on request.

General information
Specification data
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S16-SU Sliding Door Drive

Standard product features

Dimensions (w x d, minimum):

350 x 200 mm.

Circuit voltage:

230 V AC, 50/ 60 Hz.

Power consumption:

  • 15 W standby.
  • 250 W rated power.

Door leaf weight (maximum):

1 x 200 kg/ 2 x 200 kg.

Passage dimensions (w x h, maximum):

4000 x 5000 mm.

Product Options

Adjustable parameters:

  • Hold open time: 0–60 s.
  • Opening speed: Up to 0.7 m/s.
  • Closing speed: Up to 0.7 m/s.



Operating conditions:

  • Ambient temperature: -15–50°C.
  • Humidity range: Up to 85% relative humidity, non-wetting.
  • Wind load: Wind load design depends on a range of parameters.

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