RZN 4300-E 230 V Smoke Ventilation Control Panel

230 V a.c. (SHEV) smoke ventilation control panel.

Features and benefits:

  • RZN 43xx-E in conjunction with 230 V a.c emergency power supply NSV.
  • VdS approval in accordance with the German VdS directives, VdS 2581 and VdS 2593.
  • Certificate of constancy of performance in accordance with EN 12101-10.
  • Unique system with a consistent 230 V a.c energy supply between controller and drives.
  • More performance, less wiring expense.
  • Ideal for long cable paths.
  • Particularly for heavy duty applications in roof areas.

General information
Specification data - Mechanical services control panels

Product Reference

RZN 4300-E 230 V Smoke Ventilation Control Panel


NSV 401

Emergency power supply for use with RZN 43xx-E control panel.

GE 650-Set

For use with RZN 43xx-E control panel.

RZN 43xx-E

Bespoke control panel, variable equipment possible.



Battery, akku type 4

Capacity: 12 Ah ± 15 %. Weight: 4.07 kg.

Battery, akku type 5

Capacity: 18 Ah ± 15 %. Weight: 6.36 kg.

Plug-in unit, LE 513

Plug-in unit, SE 622

Plug-in unit, WE 516


SHEV operation panels

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Supply 230 V a.c. (50 Hz).
  • High/low-voltage regulation: -13 to +13 %.
  • Output (maximum): 3200 VA, 2000 W (14.6 A).
  • Mains operation: 197–250 V a.c.
  • Support operation: 230 V a.c. (sine ± 5%).
  • Ability to be overloaded: 10–25 s / > 130 % 1.5 s.
  • AC efficiency: > 95 %.
  • Nominal battery voltage (nominal): 48 V d.c.
  • Noise level: < 45 dB.
  • Standards: VdS G 500002 and VdS 0786-CPR-50664.

Product Options


- Plug-in units:

A range of plug-in units are available including various SHEV and ventilation functions, which can be easily installed into the RZN-E control panel. Consult literature for further details:

  • LE 513, line plug-in unit. For recording and evaluating alarm triggers.
  • SE 622, servo plug-in unit. As interface for building management system, building automation and central control system for continuous and accurate control of drives with position transmitters in conjunction with GE group plug-in units.
  • WE 516, weather plug-in unit. For recording and evaluating weather signals.

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