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RotaSec Double Full Height Turnstile

RotaSec Double Full Height Turnstile

Gunnebo UK Ltd

Full height turnstiles with minimalistic frame and option of three or four wing layout

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  • Petrochemical and construction sites.
  • Stadia.
  • Ports and harbours.
  • Government buildings and embassies.


Full-height turnstile for external installation with hand-operated electromechanical head, offering a silent and smooth operation.

Aesthetic and robust design available with three (120°) or four (90°) rotor elements. The range includes both the BA (basic) frame and the EV (evolution) full-size frame versions in a painted or stainless steel finish. Customization is also an option.

Passage in one or both directions electronically controlled. On receiving a signal from the access control system or remote control, the mechanism unlocks and the 38 mm bars/ arms can be pushed to pass through the gate in the authorized direction. It prevents two passages at one time, and if an unauthorized person attempts to enter from the opposite direction, the in-built locking mechanism stops any attempt to reverse the rotation. An optional pictogram and traffic lights LED unit, indicating the status of the gate, is also available.

Features and benefits:

  • Wrong way direction/ intrusion attempt.
  • Optional, Improper Transit Confirmation (ITC)/ rotation without passage, fraud attempt, sensor for passage detection.
  • Anti-crawling barrier.
  • Anti-pass back barrier.
  • Anti-reverse rotation during transit.
  • Self-centring to reset position.
  • Action lock preventing two passages at one time.
  • Manually operated arms.
  • Anti-heel safety rubber, for Interlocking 90° version
  • Logic voltage: 24 VAC.
  • Voltage-free contact input for fire alarm fail state.
  • Anti-pinching design construction.
  • Fail-safe (default), i.e. rotor freely rotates in power-off scenario (fail-lock available on request).
  • Mean time to repair (MTTR): <30 minutes.

General information



Standard paint finish colour. Other RAL colours available on request.


Painted steel

Any RAL is available on request.

Stainless steel


Stainless steel

  • Rotor: Stainless steel 1.4301 (304) grade. 1.4401 (316) grade available as an option.
  • Frame: Corrosion protection paint, grey RAL 7004 or stainless steel 1.4301 (304) or 1.4401 (316) grade.


2393 x 2442 x 1576 mm

RotaSec EV Double_DoubleInterlocking120.

2393 x 2442 x 1654 mm

RotaSec EV Double_DoubleInterlocking90.

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_34_13 Carbon steel full-height turnstilesPrimary


Q50/160 Turnstile

Specification data - Carbon steel full-height turnstiles Enhanced data



Control unit


Control board location: In the roof.

Finish as delivered


Applied finish

Painted steel.

Any RAL is available on request.

Stainless steel.

Product Reference

RotaSec EV Double_DoubleInterlocking120

RotaSec EV Double_DoubleInterlocking90


2393 mm.


2442 mm.


1576 mm.

RotaSec EV Double_DoubleInterlocking120.

1654 mm.

RotaSec EV Double_DoubleInterlocking90.


452 kg.

RotaSec EV Double_DoubleInterlocking120.

577 kg.

RotaSec EV Double_DoubleInterlocking90.

Clear passage height

2100 mm.

Clear passage width

2 x 848 mm.

RotaSec EV Double_DoubleInterlocking120.

2 x 540 mm.

RotaSec EV Double_DoubleInterlocking90.

Operating temperature range

-5 to + 50°C.

95% no condensing relative humidity.


< 55 dB.

Ingress protection (IP) rating



Three million cycles.

Accessories/ Other requirements


Base plate with rubber matt.

Canopy with solid polycarbonate infill.

Canopy with transparent polycarbonate infill.

Card reader integration.

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50–60 Hz.


115–230 V a.c.

Passage rate

12 passages per minute.

Insertion access reader.

15 passages per minute.

Swipe access reader.

17 passages per minute.

Proximity - 'hands free' access reader.

Digital objects

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Full Height External Turnstile - Rotasec

Full Height External Turnstile - Rotasec

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