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RonaDeck EcoPath UV


A decorative, UV stable resin-bound aggregate surface for pedestrian traffic, which is seamless and slightly flexible. The open matrix allows water to drain through to the base, eliminating water ponding and allowing water to drain to planted areas or land drains. The system is designed to be SuDS compliant, reducing the impact of development on flood risk and allowing water to flow into water courses.

The surface consists of a two-component, UV stable polyurethane resin, aggregate and recycled vulcanized rubber granules.


Requires a (minimum) 175 mm well-compacted type 3 granular sub-base or well-compacted, undisturbed soil. Sub-bases may include Impermeable membranes to carry water to infiltration or storage systems, or geotexiles to prevent upward migration of soil.


The resin-bound surfacing should be retained and protected with brick, stone, timber or steel edging.

General information


Pr_35_31_05_71 Resin-bound mixed aggregate surfacingsPrimary


Q26/260 Resin bound stone aggregate surfacing

Specification data - Resin-bound mixed aggregate surfacings

Product Reference

RonaDeck EcoPath UV


Brittany Bronze

Dorset Gold

Silver Granite


Standard product features

Mix design:

A 103 kg batch consists of:

  • RonaDeck EcoPath UV Resin: 6 kg.
  • RonaDeck EcoPath UV Aggregate: 75 kg.
  • RonaDeck EcoPath UV Rubber Granules: 15 kg.
  • RonaDeck EcoPath Sand: 7 kg.

Approximate coverage (35 mm deep): 2.1 m².

Application conditions:

  • Application temperature: 5–25ºC.
  • Rain: Light rain is unlikely to damage or affect the surface. Heavy rain is likely to spoil the appearance of the surface, whilst very heavy rain may washout the resin and aggregate.


RonaDeck EcoPath UV

RonaDeck EcoPath UV

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