RonaDeck Eco Tree Pit


A resin bound natural aggregate finish surround for planted trees in public and private areas. Surrounding the tree in a solid yet semi-flexible construction allows the tree to grow, prevents a build-up of litter and removes a storage or hiding place for hazardous items such as syringes and needles. Dogs are also less likely to foul in such areas.

The RonaDeck Eco Tree Pit comprises a two component polyurethane hybrid resin and a range of selected rounded attractive aggregates. The design of this resin bound aggregate system provides a surface which is attractive, highly porous and able to receive light foot traffic.

Its porosity allows water to flow through a 6–10 mm aggregate system at the rate of >850 L/m²/minute. The flow rate may be reduced when using a smaller or more angular aggregate.


  • SuDS compliant - highly permeable.
  • UV stable - non yellowing resin.
  • Natural aggregate appearance.
  • Alternative to tree grilles.
  • Recycled aggregates available.
  • Design can accommodate some tree growth.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Variety of colours available.

General information


SuDS compliant - highly permeable

UV stable - non yellowing resin

Natural aggregate appearance

Alternative to tree grilles

Recycled aggregates available

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Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_05_71 Resin-bound mixed aggregate surfacingsPrimary


Q23/220 Two coat proprietary fibre reinforced bonded chippings

Q23/225 Proprietary resin bound chippings

Q26/260 Resin bound stone aggregate surfacing

Specification data - Resin-bound mixed aggregate surfacings

Product Reference

RonaDeck Eco Tree Pit


Brittany Bronze 6–10 mm

Dorset Gold 6–10 mm

Rhine Gold 6–10 mm

Silver Star 6–10 mm

Standard product features

Minimum depth:

50 mm.

Curing time (foot traffic, 20°C):

After 4 hours.


RonaDeck Eco Tree Pit resin is UV resistant and will not yellow on exposure to UV light. This is a more attractive option than other types of resin which can yellow, dramatically altering the appearance of the finished surface.


RonaDeck Eco Tree Pit

RonaDeck Eco Tree Pit

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