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ROCKWOOL® Intumescent Pipe Wrap CE


  • Fire stopping plastic pipe penetrations in rigid/flexible walls and rigid floors.
  • Can be applied to PVC, UPVC, Polypropylene, PE & HDPE pipe materials.


ROCKWOOL Intumescent Pipe Wraps CE are tested to EN 1366-3:2009 and CE marked to provide assurance where specified. They offer a a simple and more economical alternative to Firestop Pipe Collars CE, for fire stopping plastic pipework penetrations through fire rated walls and floors.

Pipe Wraps CE comprise layers of a graphite based intumescent sheet encapsulated in a polythene sheath, designed to seal service penetrations in apertures containing combustible plastic pipes. All Pipe Wraps CE are supplied in correct lengths to suit the pipe diameter. Intumescent Pipe Wraps CE are tested to plastic services penetrating flexible and rigid wall constructions, rigid floors and in Ablative Coated Batt seals. Pipe Wraps CE are tested with end capping configurations that cover U/C pipes.

Features and benefits:

  • Simple to install with no mechanical fixings required.
  • Available to suit pipe diameters up to 250 mm O.D.
  • Up to EI120 fire resistance.
  • Tested in conjunction with Ablative Coated Batt seals.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Dry system.
  • Water resistant.

General information


Pipe diameter.

250 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_65_52_61_86 Surface-mounted intumescent pipe collarsPrimary


P12/370 Pipe collar

P12/43 Pipe collar

Specification data - Surface-mounted intumescent pipe collars Enhanced data


Surface mounted.


Pipe diameter.

250 mm.

Fire performance

Up to EI120 fire resistance.


40 mm.


2–12 mm.

At 32—250 mm.


1.2 g/cm³.



Application temperature

-5 to 40ºC.

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