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RockLap H&V Pipe Supports


Providing a total solution which incorporates non-combustible, thermal stone wool insulation throughout, limits this effect and provides a robust, total pipe insulation solution designed to meet the demands of safety, energy efficiency and internal comfort.


Designed to reduce the thermal bridge at the point in which the pipe hanger clips are located, RockLap Pipe Supports can be combined with RockLap H&V Pipe section insulation solutions to provide a total thermal solution for pipework with the additional benefits of fire safety and acoustic comfort. The supports provide an effective insulation solution capable of maintaining the energy efficiency of cold/hot steel and copper pipes operating at temperatures of 0–250°C. They are designed for use in pipe supports, hanger brackets and clamps, providing effective load bearing capability and point load resistance.

The non-directional nature of stone wool fibres offers excellent sound insulating properties that minimize noise transfer and dampen vibration. The supports in conjunction with RockLap H&V Pipe Sections help minimize sound transfer through pipework around a building which has the potential to create disturbance to building occupants.

Pre-formed and pre-cut into sections with a foil facing finish to provide an integral vapour barrier, they are simple to install with a self-adhesive overlap. They are available to suit a wide range of typical pipe diameters (17–210 mm), insulation thicknesses (20–100 mm) and lengths (80 or 100 mm). Heat losses from service pipework can have a significant effect on energy savings within any building. As with all insulation applications, thermal bridging as a result of combining different thermally performing products can lead to variations in performance and even losses when comparing the installed system to the designed system.

Features and benefits:

  • Energy-efficient – minimizing thermal bridging.
  • Robust foil facing to maintain a vapour control.
  • High point load resistance and effective load-bearing capability.
  • A total insulation solution when combined with RockLap H&V pipe sections.

General information




Refer to manufacturer's literature for sizing information.


Uniclass 2015

Pr_65_52_61_15 Concealed intumescent pipe collarsPrimary


P12/43 Pipe collar

P12/370 Pipe collar

Specification data - Concealed intumescent pipe collars Enhanced data


Insert requirements:

  • Thickness: 20–100 mm;
  • Pipe outer diameter: 17–210 mm;
  • Length: 80–100 mm.


Fire performance

Non-combustible stone wool.


Pipe support for services pipework.

Specific heat

0.84 KJ/KgK.

Water vapour resistance

˃10 000 (µ).

Environmental information


ROCKWOOL is recyclable. For waste ROCKWOOL material that may be generated during installation or at end of life, we are happy to discuss the individual requirements of contractors and users considering returning these materials to our factory for recycling.

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