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RIW FWM - Flexible wall membrane


Flexible wall membrane, suitable for use on walls behind tiles.

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RIW FWM (flexible wall membrane) has been developed for use onto walls, to provide waterproofing beneath ceramic tiles in bath/ shower rooms and other wet areas.

Mid grey, solvent-free soft paste, suitable for use with RIW Screedsafe or RIW Tilesafe. Junctions/ corners must be first reinforced with Reinforcing Tape as necessary.


  • All surfaces are to be clean, dry, free from dust, grease and oil, etc. Surfaces must be smooth, sound and flat, with all indentations filled with suitable fillers and all protrusions struck off.
  • Junctions/ corners must be reinforced with Reinforcing Tape as necessary.


  • One coat, brush or roller applied.
  • Coverage per coat (minimum): 1.25 kg/m².

General information

Prevents the transmission of water into water sensitive backgrounds; Applied in one single coat; Suitable for most commonly used backgrounds; Quick and easy to use; Solvent free


Water based synthetic polymer


RIW Limited’s waterproofing products will, subject to normal service conditions, provide an effective barrier to the transmission of liquid water and water vapour for the life of the building in which they are incorporated., The products must be installed in accordance with RIW written instructions, and following installation must not be subjected to any damage or long-term UV exposure

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Specification data - Acrylic-based waterproof coatings
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RIW Screedsafe / RIW Tilesafe Reinforcing Tape, used to reinforce all junctions and corners, etc.

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