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Resopal® Collection Doors

Decorative high-pressure laminate (HPL) doors, in accordance with EN 438 and ISO 4586.

The sheets consist of layers of cellulose fibrous material (normally paper), impregnated with thermosetting resins and bonded together in a high-pressure process. The process, defined as a simultaneous application of heat (≥120°C) and high specific pressure (≥5 Mpa), provides flowing and subsequent curing of the thermosetting resins to obtain a homogenous non-porous material (≥1.4 g/cm³) with the required surface finish.

The formaldehyde emission level is far below the limit for wood-based materials. Dueto their very low permeability, RESOPAL®-HPL bonded to wood-based substrates act as a barrier against possible formaldehyde emissions coming from the substrates.

There is no migration affecting foodstuffs and, consequently, the laminates are approved for contact with foodstuffs.

The non-porous surface and edges are easy to disinfect with hot water, steam and all types of disinfectants used in hospitals and other commercial facilities.

The decorative surfaces are resistant to common household solvents and chemicals. They do not suffer from corrosion and oxidation, and they do not need any further surface protection (lacquers or paints).

Laminates are difficult to ignite and have properties that retard spread of flame, thus prolonging evacuation time. Due to incomplete burning, as with many organic materials, hazardous substances are to be found in the smoke. However, HPL is capable of meeting the best performance for organic surfacing materials specified in the French standard NFF 16101 (at least class F2 for smoke density and toxicity).

HPL is not classified as a hazardous substance.

TECOLINE F melamine edge banding is available separately to coordinate colours and all decors from the Resopal DOORS collection. Unicolour and printed decors to match wood, stone or fantasy decors are available in small quantities, optionally with hot melt adhesive coating.

General information

0.8 x 915 x 2180 mm

0.8 x 1020 x 2180 mm

0.8 x 1320 x 2180 mm

0.8 x 1380 x 2600 mm

Uniclass 2015
Pr_30_59_23_16 Composite door leavesPrimary

L20/280 Doors

L20/45 Doors

Specification data - Composite door leaves
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Resopal® Collection Doors


0.8 x 915 x 2180 mm

0.8 x 1020 x 2180 mm

0.8 x 1320 x 2180 mm

0.8 x 1380 x 2600 mm


An extensive range of finishes and textures is available; consult technical literature for detail and insert requirements.

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Solubility: Insoluble in water, oil, methanol, diethyl ether, n-octanol and acetone.
  • Melting point: Does not melt.
  • Calorific value: 18–20 MJ/kg.
  • Heavy metals: Does not contain toxic compounds of antimony, or heavy metals barium, cadmium, chromiumIII, chromiumVI, lead, mercury and selenium.
  • Material incompatibility: Strong acids or alkaline solutions will stain the surface.
  • Ignition temperature: 400°C (approximately).
  • Electrostatic behaviour: Surface resistivity is between 10^9–10^12 ohms and a chargeability of V < 2 kV according to CEI IEC 61340-4-1 (HPL is an antistatic material).
  • Formaldehyde emission: <0.4 mg/h/m² (tested according to EN 717-2), <0.05 ppm (tested according to the WKI chamber method).
  • Does not contain Pentachlorophenol (PCP).
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.3 W/m·K.
  • Abrasion resistance to EN 438: 3.
  • Impact resistance to EN 438: 4/3.
  • Scratch resistance to EN 438: 4/3/2.
  • Light fastness to EN 438: 4-5.

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Other sizes are available as special order.