Renderlite Finishing Plaster


A gypsum based plaster for use as the final coat over Sovereign Renderlite Renovating Plaster, cement renders and gypsum plasters. When cured it forms a hard wall finish plaster that allows the walls to breathe. It has excellent adhesion and impact resistance and resists the passage of salts.

Once mixed it can be retempered and used for up to 80 minutes, thereby minimizing waste.

Can be used on suitably prepared background plaster such as Sovereign Renderlite, Ready Render or ordinary sand:cement plaster.

Not suitable for use on plasterboard and cannot be over polished to give a glazed surface.

General information


25 Kg

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_64_32 Finish plastersPrimary


M20/330 Proprietary lime:sand

M20/42 Multicoat proprietary plaster

M20/47 One coat proprietary plaster

Specification data - Finish plasters

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Renderlite Finishing Plaster

Standard product features




25 Kg.


12.5 m² per 25 Kg at 1.5 mm thickness.


Dries off white.

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