REIF DuraLink


The REIF DuraLink is a Class A fire-rated, fully adjustable aluminium decking and paving solution which is precise, durable and fully adaptable. The system complies with UK Building Regulations on fire safety and aluminium decking, and offers a good combination of strength, endurance, durability and corrosion resistance. It also benefits from a decades-long product life cycle.

The system has been built to stand a loading of 500 kg loading per pedestal. The system can be used with other fire-rated compatible materials (for example, aluminium, porcelain, stone and concrete) to comply with the 2019 edition Building Regulations (Eng) Approved Document B.

Features and benefits:

  • Low density and low weight.
  • High strength.
  • Good design capability.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Good thermal qualities.

Also available on request is Class A2-rated decking, and external porcelain and concrete pavers.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_85_47_22 Decking and paving pedestalsPrimary


J41/467 Support system for precast concrete paving slabs

J42/467 Support system for precast concrete paving slabs

Q25/480 Support pedestals

Q55/110 Deck

Specification data - Decking and paving pedestals

Product Reference

REIF DuraLink, Class A-rated

REIF DuraLink, Class A2-rated



DuraSide Pedestal

DuraBase Pedestal

DuraClip Z 1

DuraClip Z 2


DuraFix Z 90

DuraFix Z 180

DuraFix Z Vario

DuraSpacer Tab

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External porcelain