RC2/3 Automatic Sliding Door System (Burglar Resistance)

RC2/3 automatic doors are suitable for applications with a higher threat of break-in or criminal attack such as banks, jewellers shops, electrical retailers, museums and offices. The reinforced door profiles incorporate a multi point locking mechanism approved to EN 1628 (static tests), EN 1629 (dynamic tests) and EN 1630 (manual burglar test) thereby achieving overall security rating of RC2 or RC3.

RC3 has also been assessed to conform to the security requirement of PAS24:2012.

Thanks to their slim line looks, RC2/3 automatic doors are similar in appearance to standard automatic doors offering a solution that is suitable for design conscious environments. Designed to satisfy BS EN 16005:2012. Gilgen SLX –M sliding door operators are tested for 1 million cycles, providing proven reliability. Compliance with other notable UK standards such as Part M & Part B of the building regulations, The Equality Act and BS 8300:2009 is also achieved.

General information


Polyester powder coated, RAL

Insert colour requirements.

Silver anodised

Uniclass 2015

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L20/490 Automatic doors

L20/55 Doorsets

L20/60 Doors

Specification data - Sliding door and partition sets

Product Reference

RC2/3 Automatic Sliding Door System



Door configuration

Single sliding WITHOUT side panel

Bi parting NO fixed side panels

Bi parting TWO fixed side panels

Clearance width

700–1650 mm (single sliding); 800–3000 mm (bi-parting).


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Polyester powder coated, RAL

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Silver anodised


Glazed fan light option

Bi-parting only, consult manufacturer.

P4A (EN356) high security glass (RC2)

P5A (EN356) high security glass (RC3)


D Bedix hard wired control unit

F Key

Kombi D Bedix

Six position key switch

Security locking




Integration with access control systems

Manual push pad

Motion sensors

Touch-less push pad

Door movement guide

Recessed floor track

Surface mounted fixed point guide

Rear door safety

Installation specific please consult manufacturer.

Standard product features

Drive system:

RC2/3 SLX-M sliding door drive system integrates Bluetooth wireless control technology and a powerful, near silent drive into a very slender in profile. System components are connected via a can-bus, which not only guarantees smooth and reliable operation, but also facilitates constant communication with the processor to ensure optimum operational safety.


  • Combined presence and activation sensing devices ensure door opening distances are in accordance with BS EN 16005, prevent doors closing on pedestrians within the threshold area and provide a signal to the door control system, thereby optimising pedestrian safety.
  • Rear edge sensors (electro sensitive protection equipment, ESPE) complying with BS EN 16005 are located within the door operator to maintain back of door safety and protect pedestrians against crushing edges at the main closing edge.
  • Fail-safe system (battery back-up) enables up to 30 minutes operation (subject to use) in the event of a mains failure. The fail safe system is automatically tested at least once every 24 hours.
  • Fire alarm interface connection enables door leaves to fail safe to open in the event of an emergency. In compliance with BS EN 16005 door sets with a clear opening width of up to 2000 mm open by at least 80% within 3 seconds after activation by the activators in the escape direction (or within 5 seconds in the event of the loss of power.)


24V DC motor with microprocessor controller which allows extensive options for opening width, electric locking, summer/ winter modes, exit only, manual control, speed of opening and the length of time the door is open.


A choice of either automatic or manual multipoint locking (integrated into the door leaf) is available please consult the manufacturer.

Door weight:

  • Single sliding doors: 1 x 150 kg.
  • Bi-parting doors: 2 x 250 kg.

Power requirements:

230 V single phase. A 13 A live neon-lit fused spur supply, protected by a 30 mA RCD must be provided prior to installation. In order to comply with BS EN 16005 the mains connection must be capable of disconnection to prevent unintentional and unauthorised reactivation.

Product Options


  • Single sliding, RC2: 2000–3330 mm.
  • Single sliding, RC3: 2000–2640 mm.
  • Bi-parting, RC2: 2000–3330 mm.
  • Bi-parting, RC3: 2000–2640 mm.

Rear door safety:

Several options are available, subject to installation considerations. Please consult the manufacturer. The options available are;

  • 900 mm high, firmly secured, solid glazed barrier, in accordance with BSEN 16005.
  • 2.5 m high, fully glazed pocket screen complying with BS EN 16005.


  • D Bedix hard wired programming key pad (incorporating digital display screen) designed for installation in a central control panel. Configured for automatic/ manual/ night/ exit/ open door operating modes.
  • Portable Bedix wireless control unit designed to enable selection of operating modes (as per D Bedix) and configure parameters. Simple menu based controls. No fixed location required. Password protected.
  • Kombi D Bedix, push button control (as standard D Bedix) incorporating additional security key to prevent unauthorized access.
  • F Key: Multi user, compact programmable portable unit enabling restricted personnel access.
  • Six position key switch. Single point door control but with NO fault identification.


Additionally, the door allows for fitting of door position switches, fire or smoke alarm signals, voice message systems to assist partially sighted people and integrates with access control systems.

Door movement guide:

Surface mounted fixed point guide enhances efficiency of door movement.

Recessed floor track:

Helps further improve door security as well as improved weather sealing and resistance to strong winds and driving rain.

Third party certifications
  • CE approval
  • TUV
  • RC2 and RC3 in accordance with EN 1627 to EN 1630 (2011)
  • Exova WarringtonFire: Assessed to conform to the security requirements of PAS24:2012
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