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Specifically designed to utilize rainwater which would normally go to waste. Rain water is collected from the roof into a collection chamber, the water then flows into the cyclone separation system which removes major debris such as leaves, which flows into the storm water drain or soak-away.

Fully automatic, when water is required for flushing, laundry, garden or irrigation use, the pressure sensor activates the pump via the central control panel, water is supplied similar to mains pressure. A float switch will sense any low level conditions within the chamber and discharge mains water into the system via a Type A air gap (as required by the current Bye Laws).

Excess rain water is discharged from the unit via an outlet pipe at the top of the chamber which has a U-bend to stop rising smells from the drainage or soak-away system.


Suitable for larger schemes where pooled water resources can reduce water costs:

  • Community housing and centres.
  • Multiple dwellings, including flats, offices and workshops.
  • Industrial plants.

System comprises debris separator, intake filter, pump, low level float switch, pressure switch, control panel, overflow and chamber.

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Uniclass 2015

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R18/310 Private packaged pumping stations

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Wide range of Compatible submersible pumps available, please consult manufacturer for exact details.

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