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Rada Outlook

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Concealed digital thermostatic mixing valve and sensor box for hand washing and/ or showering for six outlets.

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Suitable for indoor use only.


Rada Outlook is a six outlet digital thermostatic mixing valve, with programmable timed flow for hand washing and showering applications, operated by a choice of touch sensors, non-touch sensors, or non-touch spout.

Features and benefits:

  • Cost effective and flexible, whilst complying with legislative requirements.
  • Automatically performs duty flush at intervals.
  • Integrate auxiliary products such as a fan, pump or Passive Infra Red (PIR) occupancy sensor to the Outlook system and program specifically to application.
  • Records automatic duty flush and supervised thermal disinfection data for legislation compliance.
  • Easily programmable using Windows-based menus from a desktop computer, laptop or equivalent for easy access, download and interrogation of data.
  • Connect multiple units to an IT Network or Building Management System, by making Mobus data available for systems integrators to link into. Up to 31 Rada Outlook units on each Mobus network.
  • Incorporating T-Logic Digital Intelligence used in Rada Sense allowing the user to operate, communicate and exchange information with the mixing valve to deliver the ultimate in safety, hygiene and control.

General information




Stainless steel







Flat faced union connections.


Two years parts and labour as standard; Extended to five years parts and labour if commissioned by Rada. UK only.



Pr_65_54_95_88 Thermostatic mixing valvesPrimary


N13/30 Washbasins

N13/335 Washbasins

N13/35 Baths

N13/355 Baths

N13/375 Shower units

N13/40 Shower units

Specification data - Thermostatic mixing valves


Flat faced union connections.

Required items (select all)

IR Sensor (1.1621.112).

RS485 Converter and Software (1.1621.117).

Piezo Hand Sensor (1.1621.085).

Required non-touch infra-red sensor mounted spout (select one)

150 mm IR Spout: 1.1621.136.

190 mm IR Spout: 1.1621.132.

225 mm IR Spout: 1.1621.137.



Rada Isolating Key Switch (2.1495.080).

For temporary disablement of the Rada Outlook sensor box during cleaning or maintenance of showering.

Rada Outlook Outlet By-Pass Adaptor (1.1621.115).

To channel an unused outlet to an open outlet. Useful when there are less than six outlets utilised. Eliminates water 'dead spots' where bacteria can spread.

Rada Outlook RS485 Socket (1.1621.116).

RS485 cable to connect the RS485 converter to a sensor box within a network. The network is then accessible via laptop/ PC at that point.

Rada Relay Box (2.1495.044).

For use with the Rada Outlook sensor box to provide three switched relays for operation of pumps, lights and fans.

Ambient temperature





Non- condensing.

Ingress protection (IP) rating

IP24, IP20 and IP45.

  • Mixer valve: IP24.
  • Sensor box: IP20.
  • PSU: IP45.


100–240 V RMS 50–60 Hz. 1.5 A.

Load (maximum)

40 W at 12 V d.c.


  • Outlook mixer valve (h x w x d): 233 x 541 x 84 mm.
  • Sensor box: (h x w x d): 134 x 255 x 37 mm.



WRAS approved (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) and BEAB approved.


Sensor flow control.

  • Non-touch ON/ OFF.
  • Touch ON/ OFF.
  • Non-touch ON/ OFF spout.


Optimum thermostatic control range.


  • Factory pre-set: Default 38°C.
  • Programmable range: Minimum 38°C–47°C, maximum 33°C–50°C and default 30°C–50°C at start up, or full cold only can be selected.
  • Minimum blend temperature differential from hot supply: 2°C.
  • Optimum thermostatic control range: 30°C–50°C.
  • Cold water range (recommended): 1°C–20°C.
  • Hot water range (recommended): 50°C–65°C (85°C maximum - during disinfection).
  • Temperature stability: ± 1°C for recommended supply conditions.


Programmable range.

5 seconds–60 minutes.

Factory setting: Flow time: 30 seconds.


Programmable range.

1–59 minutes.

Factory setting: Duty flush cycle: 2 minutes.

(Duty flush waiting period: 1 hour - 983 hours).

Duty flush not enabled at factory, programming required.

Cable length

1.5 mm.

  • Valve to sensor box cable length: 1.5 m.
  • Sensor box to sensor cable length: IR - 6 m, Piezo - 3 m.

Environmental information

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom

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Rada Outlook - Ultimate Washroom Control Technology

Rada Outlook - Ultimate Washroom Control Technology

Rada Product Selector - Commercial Washroom Controls

Rada Product Selector - Commercial Washroom Controls

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