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Rada 320 IC Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Rada 320 IC is a group thermostatic mixing valve incorporating the patented Radatherm temperature sensor, isolating ball valves, check-valves, integral isolators, test points and fitters.

General information




Ideal for large group showering installations; Enhanced thermostatic performance; Service friendly - supplied with integral isolators, check valves and strainers; Easy to install - features adjustable elbows and, 28 mm compression fittings




Body: Chrome Plated DZR Brass




Two years parts and labour as standard; Extended to five years parts and labour if commissioned by Rada. UK only

Uniclass 2015

Pr_40_20_87_81 Shower thermostatic water supply setsPrimary


S90/67 Thermostatic mixing valves

S90/680 Thermostatic mixing valves

Specification data - Shower thermostatic water supply sets

Product Reference

Rada 320 IC Thermostatic Mixing Valve (1.1847.013)

Standard product features

Suitable for surface-mounted, medium to large group showering installations.


Standard connections are hot - left, cold - right, outlet - top when facing the control. Note: The outlet can be altered to bottom outlet if required by repositioning the drain plug.


WRAS approved (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme).


The temperature control knob allows the authorised user to select the required temperature within the range available. An integral temperature stop limits the maximum temperature to a present level and can only be reset by an authorised person (alternatively, the temperature knob can be locked in position after the desired temperature has been selected).


Body: European 4MS Scheme Compliant Brass meeting DZR and Low Lead requirements.

Temperature range:

  • Optimum thermostatic control range: 30°C–50°C.
  • Minimum cold water temperature: 1°C.
  • Maximum hot water temperature: 85°C.

Pressures/ flow rate:

  • Minimum dynamic supply pressure: 0.1 bar.
  • Maximum supply static pressure: 10 bar.
  • Maximum pressure loss ratio: Should not exceed 10 : 1 in favour of either supply during flow.
  • Maximum pressure loss: Inlets to outlet is 5.6 bar, which equates to maximum 120 L/min flow rate at mid-blend.

Note: Pressure loss is the pressure drop between the inlets and the outlet of the mixing valve when flow is taking place.

  • Minimum flow rate: 6 L/min at mid-blend with nominally equal supply pressures.
  • Maximum flow rate: 120 L/min (5.6 bar pressure loss).

Note: Both hot and cold pressure should be nominally equal.

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