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PVC Corner Fittings - round spigot

Wallbarn Ltd

Pre-cast corner fittings for drainage holes on roofs, balconies and terraces designed be heat bonded or sealed to the compatible synthetic waterproofing membrane and available with round or rectangular mouths

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Tough and durable pre-cast corner fittings for drainage holes on roofs, balconies and terraces. The outlet pipe is either round or rectangular shaped and is slightly recessed, with a small drop from the horizontal border flap to encourage the water to flow into the pipe immediately. It is also slightly angled to create a fall, encouraging faster flow of the water down the pipe.

Bonded by using hot air gun (not direct contact to a flame).

They can be fitted to vertical downpipes at the edge of the retaining wall, or on a horizontal plane through the upstand or wall to then connect to the external downpipe. The corner fitting includes a flange which is heat bonded to the waterproofing membrane. There is a range of size options to accommodate varying pipe widths.

General information

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Uniclass 2015
Pr_65_50_35_37 Gravity rainwater outletsPrimary
Specification data - Gravity rainwater outlets
Product Reference

PVC Corner Fittings - round spigot

Outlet pipe

50 mm

Round mouth (diameter).

63 mm

Round mouth (diameter).

75 mm

Round mouth (diameter).

90 mm

Round mouth (diameter).

110 mm

Round mouth (diameter).

125 mm

Round mouth (diameter).

65 x 100 mm

Rectangular mouth.

100 x 100 mm

Rectangular mouth.


Not required


To suit drainage outlet

Standard product features


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Outlet pipe length:

500 mm for round mouth.

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