The ceiling is designed for rooms which must be kept completely free of microbiological contamination.

The non-combustible modular panels are 60 mm thick and manufactured from time-stable materials and no emitting particles.

The ceiling provides smooth surfaces which are easy to clean, are air-tight and offer good insulation.


  • Core: Hydrophobic rock wool plates. Density: 100 kg/m³. Fire reaction according to EN 13501-1: A1.
  • Adhesive: Bi-component polyurethane.
  • Silicone sealant (quality-label SNJF; complies with FDA 21 CFR 175.105).
  • Polymer MS caulk.
  • Flexible sealant in closed cell reticulate polyethene adhesive strips (over the ceiling), density 50 kg/m³.

The system uses an aluminium key profile that is integrated into the grooves of the four sides of the ceiling panel. A metallic profile is integrated into the grooves in order to hang the ceiling panels to the building structure.

On request, the two facings can be manufactured from different materials on the inside and outside faces (aspect, colour and/ or thickness).

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_93_13_51 Metal infill unitsPrimary


K30/135 Relocatable partition/ Ceiling system

K40/115 Unit/ modular suspended ceiling system

K40/265 Infill units

Specification data - Metal infill units

Product Reference





350 mm

550 mm

1200 mm

6000 mm maximum length only.

Panel length

4000 mm

6000 mm




0.5 mm

Polyester 25 μm lacquer finish only.

0.6 mm


0.8 mm

Polyester 25 μm lacquer and stainless steel polished S4 finishes only.


Smooth stainless steel sheet, 1.4307 (304 L) grade

Smooth stainless steel sheet, 1.4404 (316 L) grade

Steel sheet S280 GD, hot-dip galvanized Z225

225 g/m² of zinc on the two faces or similar.


Polished S4

Stainless steel only.

Polyester 25 µm lacquer

Class in accordance with XP P 34-301: lIIa.

Polyester lacquer and PET film of total thickness 55 µm

Class in accordance with XP P 34-301: Vc.

PVC 150 µm antibacterial

Class in accordance with XP P 34-301: Vc.

PVC and PET film of total thickness 130 µm

Stainless steel only.

PVDF 35 µm lacquer

Class in accordance with XP P 34-301: lVb.

Colour/ Finish

Iceberg white (similar to RAL 9010)

Standard product features


- Thickness:

60 mm.

- Profile:

Metallic profile for passage of cables.

Acceptable span in ceiling:

  • Without opening: 2.4 m (walkable), 3.2 m (non-walkable).
  • With opening: 1.6–2.4 m (walkable), 2.4–3.2 m (non-walkable), depending on configuration. Consult literature for details.
  • Loads taken into account for measurement: 60 daN/m² (panel weight included, panel on two supports) plus 150 daN (if accessible ceiling, concentrated load at any point of the ceiling).
  • Small sections can be cut out (width: <600 mm) without compromising the safety of the ceiling.
  • With non-standard openings (width: >0.665 m and/ or area: >0.45 m²) it is necessary to use additional fastening joist.
  • The ceiling is not a technical platform; for maintenance, it will support the passage of one person.

Technical characteristics:

  • Thermal conductivity coefficient lambda: 0.041 W/mK.
  • Thermal transmission coefficient Uc: 0.612 W/mK.
  • R-value: 1.6.
  • Acceptable resisting to buckling: ≥210 kPa (2.1 daN/cm²).
  • Weight 17 kg/m² (two faces, 0.6 mm thick).
  • Fire reaction: Euroclass A2-s1,d0 and Class 0.
  • Flame spread index (ASTM E84-01): Class 1.
  • Flame spread (BS 476-7): Class 1.
  • Fire spread index (BS 476-6): 0.7.

Third party certifications
  • FM approval (standard 4880): Class 1
  • UL approval (cable routing): Safety E471046
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