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Prestige PUR Tiles

Prestige PUR Tiles

Third party certifications:
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Polyflor Ltd

Hardwearing, non-directional, vinyl tile flooring featuring a polyurethane reinforcement.

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Prestige PUR Tiles are a range of non-directional tiles available in 2.0 mm thickness and feature a high quality, cross-linked polyurethane reinforcement, UV cured to provide a low cost, polish-free maintenance regime for the lifetime of the flooring. Especially recommended for hospitals, schools, commercial offices and public reception areas.

Prestige PUR conforms to a wide range of international standards and is classified as anti-static in accordance with EN 1815.

Prestige PUR achieves a BRE Global Environmental A+ rating ENP 472 in the Green Guide to Specifications in major use areas such as education and healthcare. The product is 100% recyclable and contains 25% recycled material.

Generic EN 15804 Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) available on request.

General information

Homogeneous vinyl

Uniclass 2015
Pr_35_57_71_68 Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tilesPrimary

M50/10 Resilient floor tiling

M50/110 Resilient floor tiling

Specification data - Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tiles
Product Reference

Prestige PUR Tiles


2 mm


1600 - Alabaster

1800 - Pale Iris

1830 - Clove

1840 - Stone Blue

1850 - Cinnamon

1860 - Gingerlily

1870 - Peppermint

1880 - Chive

1890 - Thyme

1900 - Bilberry

1910 - Nutmeg

1920 - Lavender Mist

1930 - Grey Marl

1940 - Liquorice

1950 - Ice Crystal

1960 - Chilli

Standard product features


Homogeneous vinyl.

Tile Size:

  • 300 x 300 mm
  • 608 x 608 mm

Product Options


Available in 16 colourways.

Third party certifications

Additional certifications:

  • BRE Global : ENP 472 : A+ rating
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