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Pressalit 3000 - Shower Change Table


Designed to provide a stable platform suitable for changing adults and children in schools, day care centres, institutions, hospitals and private homes.


Shower and changing table that provides maximum safety and comfort. Besides an award winning design, the series includes comfortable and durable surfaces, including polyurethane foam and aluminium. The flexibility of the shower and changing table provides for optimal working conditions for the carer as well as a high level of comfort and safety for the user.

Features and Benefits:

  • Award winning design.
  • Height adjustable 700 mm; from 300 mm - 1000 mm, with wired hand control.
  • A water collection tray with integrated water outlet prevents water from splashing on carers or the floor.
  • Adjustable neck support which can be moved to either end of the 1800 mm shower and changing tables.
  • The slightly curved form makes the table extremely comfortable and safe.
  • The safety rail can be folded easily up or down.
  • The integrated gas cylinders enable the table to be folded out of the way when not in use to maximize floor space.

General information



Lead grey.


Powder coated


Stainless steel




1057 x 1910 mm

Outer measurement. (Surface length 1800 mm).


Three year

Pressalit makes a commitment to remedy material and manufacturing defects for a period of three years from the invoicing date. NOTICE If the product is installed in an atmosphere heavy in salt or chloride, the warranty will be reduced from the normal 3 years to 1 year. Salt and chloride have a corrosive effect on the products components and will cause a decrease in the life expectancy of the product. The damaging effects can, however, be reduced if the product is showered with tap water on a daily basis.

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Wall mounted.

Integral accessories

V8608 - Mounting kit.

To be ordered separately. 6 coach screws Ø10 x 70 - plugs SX12.

Suitable for: Concrete >B25, Solid Brick >= Mz12, Solid Sand Lime Brick >= Hlz12, Drywall (2 x 12,5 mm) water-resistant, re-enforced with wood .

V8658 - Mounting kit.

To be ordered separately. 6 coach screws Ø10 x 70 - plugs GB14.

Suitable for: Aerated Concrete P4.

Wall fasteners (6 pcs).

To be ordered separately.

Suitable for drywall (2 x 12,5 mm) water-resistant, re-enforced with 22 mm plywood  and drywall (2 x 12,5 mm) water-resistant, re-enforced with steel plates (2 mm).

Load capacity

200 kg.

When the table is loaded with 200 kg, each mounting bolt supports 26 kg. This product has been tested statically with a load of 500 kg as the IEC 60601-standard requires testing with safety factor 2.5.


230 V.


50-60 Hz.

Ingress protection


Power consumption

144 W.

Maximum load (Power consumption standby 2W).


15 mm/s.


48 dB.


77.6 kg.

Gross weight 83.6 kg.